SH = Skegness Herald SN = Skegness News SS = Skegness Standard SMA = Skegness, Mablethorpe and Alford News SM = Skegness Magazine (skegness.wordpress.com) NEP = Nottingham Evening Post

1930 SN Skegness Dancing Academy advert – principal Miss Mary Barnes
Butlins Amusement Parks Skegness
Lumley Square Fountain
1/1 SN New Post Office
1/1 SN Christmas in the Workhouse (flashback to 1905)
15/1 Vine Hotel
15/1 SN Germans to drain the North Sea
22/1 SN VIPs test new Butlins Thriller Ride
29/1 SS Flashback to 1905 – the new post office (includes picture)
29/1 SS New Court House
5/2 SS Inside new court-house / grand opening by Seacroft’s Grand Young Man – 22 years of history
5/2 SS Tramway on beach (flashback) includes picture
12/2 SS McKinley House – Moathouse – history and picture
26/2 SN Miracle cure for loss of voice – Miss Winter assistant to Mr J Green confectioner
SN Photos of councillors
5/3 Boating Lake
12/3 SS Rustic Bridge and Lake Pleasure Gardens (includes picture)
2/4 V?
9/4 SN Return of Sammy (Samuel Moody)
16/4 Rebirth Lumley Road (includes a picture of steam roller)
16/4 SN Minkley’s Corner John  Minkley scissor grinder
16/4 SS Butlins Amusement Park to open
30/4 SS Whale story of 1887 (includes good quality picture of whale and the man who captured it)
7/5 SN Skegness visitor’s body washed up at Mablethorpe – brother of fish shop proprietor, Ernest Henson
28/5 Uproar in Skegness when it’s proposed that the amusement closes on Sunday morning
4/6 Lions at Butlinsf
11/6 SN 25 years ago in Skegness – includes a wood-cut picture
11/6 SN Lion sneezes when tamer’s hear is in his mouth
25/6 SN Death of Florrie Ingamells (Pioneer Motorist)
SN Pictures of the Butlin Silver Cup and Bowl
25/6 Man comes from London to drown himself in the sea at Skegness – weighed down with jam pots (flashback to 1905)
2/7 SS Aerial views of Skegness
2/7 SN Polo matches at Skegness bathing pool – includes picture of the pool
30/7 SN Butlin’s shelter proves valuable to holidaymakers
SN Drawing of Butlin lion tamer with lion
13/8 Aerial view promenade
3/9 SN Girl hides dead baby in a suitcase – Edith Randall, waitress at the Casino
3/9 SN Butlins aeroplane – Billy Butlin learns to fly – includes a picture of Mr Butlin and his aircraft
22/10 Steam Laundry
19/11 Skegness is quiet
Grosvenor Hotel and Imperial Cafe built by Frederick Walker
Butlins trophy
Canon Morris arrived in Skegness
Skegness Dancing Academy Advert
1931 7/1 SMA Town Hall Transformation – reopens after fire in 1928
1/4 Beautifying Skegness Beach
15/4 SS Elizabeth Avery death (wife of John Avery, editor of the Skegness Herald)
15/4 SS Long-distance roller skater – William Weatherall of Derby (includes picture)
13/5 SMA Olga, Elgar and Eli Hudson – famous trio flautists
20/5 Police Training
20/5 SMA Skegness woman burns herself to death on Chapel sand dunes – Linda May Smallwood of Olive Cottage, Roman Bank
SMA The German Gun – agreed that gun should be offered for sale and proceeds to go to Haig Fund
/5 Skegness Waterway opens
27/5 SS Fravigars celebrate Golden Wedding
20/5 SMA Woman sets fire to herself on Chapel sandunes (Linda Smallwood)
17/6 Wainfleet Church Memorial Dedication
1/7 SMA German Gun destined for scrap
15/7 Storms on Sunday – shops and underground toilets flooded
12/8 SMA Lowndes – Lloyd-Gwyn in court
19/8 SMA Graf Zeppelin over Skegness
19/8 SS Gip Grunnill death – oldest Skegness lifeboatman (includes picture)
26/8 SS Pier diver picture
26/8 SMA Damage to the boating lake (sand hills)
26/8 SMA Skegness dentist weds – Moulton & Reding
9/9 Butlin’s Midgets
16/9 SS Sand Sculpture competition (includes picture)
16/9 SMA Butlins Big Thriller tragedy
16/9 SMA Bottle explosion on beach maims Nottingham Poor Boy
30/9 SS Death of Lady Scarbrough (includes picture)
30/9 Hospital extension Lady Scarbrough
30/9 Foreshore workers
7/10 SMA Former Skegness pier diver loses hand in freak accident
14/10 SS Picture of Sanitary Squad
28/10 SMA Lowndes 40th court case
18/11 Armistice
16/12 Bycroft death
7/1 SS Skegness in the past year review and King
28/1 SS Skegness’ First Free public lending library
4/2 SS Callow Park Hotel is sold
15/7 SS Great flood – Skegness swept by worst thunderstorms (includes pictures)
12/8 SS Rapid washing machine advert
2/9 SS Royal Midgets at Butlins Amusement Park
23/9 SS LNER railway workers photo
30/9 SS Foreshore workers photo
7/10 Skegness before its seashore is developed
Library moves from High Street to new Town Hall
Countess of Scarbrough death
7/10 SS Bathing pool staff photo
14/10 SS Sanitary squad photo
18/11 SS Brigadier officers photo
18/11? SS Council gardeners photo
25/11 SMA Roller skating rink at the Central Hall
25/11 SMA Wrecks hidden off Skegness beach
25/11 SS Wesleyan Society Club photo
16/12 SS Talented guides
16/12 SS Period fancy dress
23/12 SS Skegness Chicks photo
23/12 SS Ambulance men at Lumley Hotel photo
23/12 SS Seacroft Girls School photo
30/12 SS Old Skegness football club (1908) photo
30/12 SS Magdalen school hockey team photo
23/12 SMA Australian Air Mail Reaches Skegness
Skegness Cattle Market
SS Wainfleet memorial dedicated – picture (gate at St Mary’s Church)
1932 20/1 Tea Party
20/1 Matt Grunnill
George Perrin takes over from Matt Grunnill as coxswain of Skegness lifeboat
20/1 Wesleyan 45 years ago
3/2 Samuel Moody cuts wire – flashback to 1908
17/2 Lifeboat launch
2/3 Electricity
6/3 Entrenching
23/3 New footpath St Clement’s Church
30/3 Beach Transformation
Easter SM Old photo of Winthorpe Easter Parade, lent to Skegness Magazine by Joyce Thomas
6/4 Glimpse old Skegness memories of Hildred’s Hotel
13/4 Before Clock Tower built
Electricity supply switched on by Joseph Crawshaw Mayor of Skegness
4/5 Suncastle being built
4/5 Regime railway station
11/5 Official opening of the Winter Garden Roller Rink
25/5 Skegness then and now
8/6 Crofts
6/7 Standard’s 10th birthday
20/7 Old time Landau
20/7 SS Picture of old lifeboat outside Lumley Hotel flashback to 1893
27/7 Roman Bank school closes
3/8 New Skegness Water Tower
3/8 New gas tank installed by gasworks
3/8 Yachts
10/8 Butlins Picture competition prizes
17/8 Pygmy Princess at Butlins
24/8 Pygmy princess arrives
31/8 30,000 view Pygmy princess
31/8 more Butlins picture competition
31/8 Yacht breaks mooring
31/8 Lifeboat presentation
7/9 Farewell to Pygmy princess
7/9 Pier manager
14/9 SS Carnival lights stolen
14/9 Donkeys at the Roller Rink
SS Skegness’ new landmark – Gas Tank erection
23/? SS Feet – uring Harold the dwarf
17/10 Lumley Secondary School opens (website article includes photograph of the school)
26/10 Battle of Flowers
26/10 Seacroft proposal
7/12 Homeless Samuel Lewis lifeboat
14/12 New motor lifeboat
14/12 Lifeboat history by ‘Old Salt’
28/12 Anne Allen photo
28/12 Christmas at Suncastle
6/4 Hildred’s Hotel Skegness and Victorian Water Fountain
17/8 Pygmy Princess the town awaits her arrival
17/8 SS Jolly Fisherman island
24/8 SS Pygmy Princess arrives by aeroplane
1/12 Herrick Watson founded his High Street shop
7/12 SS New Skegness lifeboat on its way
Lumley Square redeveloped and old houses demolished at the west end of High Street
Hildred’s Hotel Skegness and Victorian Water Fountain
Sam Moody retires from Skegness Council
12/5/2002 ST Gilbert Mastin’s Photography Shop opens on Drummond Road
1933 Old houses demolished on High Street to make way for new Gas Showrooms
4/1 SN Winthorpe children nativity play
11/1 SN School of Cookery cake
11/1 SN Elizabeth Allan called to Hollywood
18/1 SN Crawshaw’s son passes exams
1/3 SN Children’s operetta – Miss Violet Barker’s presentation at the Parish Hall (picture)
SN Oystershell Lane (Briar Way)
22/3 Lumley Square improvements
Suncastle opens
Tarred and Naked Man at Skegness
26/4 Worst week in history for tragedies in Skegness – Fatal aeroplane crash into sea
Child’s Fatal Dash through traffic stream
Tragedy of woman’s secret visit to Ingoldmells
26/4 Fire
3/5 Woman burned to death
10/5 Gas exhibition in Skegness
17/5 Fire engine
31/5 Christening of the ‘Elizabeth Allan’ pleasure boat
7/6 Air crash Skegness Aerodrome
14/6 New school
14/6 Rowland Jenkins
21/6 Anne Allen lifeboat
28/6 Thompson’s Pleasure Beach
5/7 Old Skegness lifeboat plane rescue
12/7 SS Mechanical monster at Butlins
19/7 Last speech day at Magdalen School Wainfleet
9/8 Fire Rainford Terrace Drummond Road
9/8 SS 14 Lumley Road fire (includes picture)
23/8 SS Grammar school opens
4/12 New vestry for St Matthew’s Church
25/10 SS Raising the Roof Central Hall Roman Bank Skegness – turned into Central Cinema
6/12 SS New gas showrooms preview (artist’s impression and photos of interior and exterior)
13/12 Parade Cinema opens, owned by Kemp of Nottingham
Skegness Film Star Elizabeth Allan is called to Hollywood
Railway delivers parcels by horse and cart
Sam Moody retires from Skegness Council
1934 3/1 SS Egg-laying trials
3/1 SN Fire at the Figure 8 Cafe – Suncastle loses its rays
3/1 SS Science master’s wedding
3/1 SS Topliss child funeral
3/1 SS Tennyson College Seacroft
3/1 SN Suncastle loses its rays after fire
10/1 Red Letter Day
10/1 SS Odd Fellows on parade
17/1 SN Tribute to Hospital Ball organiser – Miller of Algitha House
17/1 SN Photography in streets
17/1 SN Italian Gardens proposed for Seacroft
24/1 SN A Skegness Museum is still not realised
24/1 SS Mock Mess Monster at Skegness
7/2 SN A hermit’s death on Burgh marshes
21/2 SN Skegness Chamber of Commerce formed (partially photographed)
21/2 SN Graveyard robbed
21/2 SS Passing of the Lawn Theatre
21/2 Croft’s staff dinner
28/2 SS Billy Butlin’s mother, Bertha Cassandra Butlin dies buried at St Clement’s Church Skegness
28/2 SS Skegness boy dies after swallowing coin
28/2 SN Charles Frederick Burley cut the foundation stone for St Matthew’s Church
7/3 SS Snow clearing – Skegness council
7/3 SN Skegness Wheelers first anniversary (not photographed)
14/3 SN Railway introduces Camping Coaches
14/3 Link with New Zealand
14/3 SS Berry death
14/3 Elizabeth Allan Returns (film star)
21/3 SS Berry funeral
21/3 SN Elizabeth Allen’s success foretold when she was born
28/3 SN Grand National cartoon
28/3 SN Long distance trunk calls new system installed at Skegness
4/4 SN Jolly statue presented to John Hassall
4/4 SN Dr Wallace’s steeplechaser horse is killed
4/4 SN Mr Haywood proposes to build rock factory at Winter Gardens
4/4 SS Truant cow at Boston
11/4 SS Laundry boiler at Skegness railway station
11/4 SS Famous sailor that never went to sea
11/4 SS Tennyson College play
11/4 SN Dewsbury death
11/4 SN Monty Banks talks about Skegness
18/4 SN Tennyson College picture
18/4 SN Report on Hassall’s presentation (not photographed)
25/4 SN First traffic lights installed in Skegness
April New Ship Hotel opens on Castleton Boulevard
2/5 SN Hassall’s letter of thanks to Skegness Council
9/5 SN Albert Avenue footpath
9/5 SN Rev Disney memorial window
9/5 SN Tennyson Glen Estate
16/5 SN How Movitone cameramen get their pictures (photographs) (not photographed)
16/5 SS Tom Fox wedding
16/5 SS Skegness Thursday football club photo
23/5 SS Skegness fire engine dash
23/5 SN Lincolnshire Poacher lyrics composed by Skegness man
23/5 SN Blue Rovers football team (partially photographed)
23/5 SN Tough customer
30/5 SN Missing man found dead in woods
30/5 Castleton Boulevard
6/6 SS Bill and Bob Skegness shoe-shine boys
6/6 SS Accident at Skegness
13/6 SS Elvin wedding
13/6 SN Fined for not heeding news traffic lights
20/6 SN Ode to Skegness by Tennyson descendant
20/6 SS Orient Boys’ College sports day at Skegness cricket ground
27/6 SN 45 Skegness parents in court for not sending their children to school
27/6 SS New Winter Gardens Circus
27/6 SS Earl of Scarbrough objects to Castleton Boulevard
4/7 SS Saucy picture – donkey driver
11/7 SN Strangled newborn baby found at Seacroft
18/7 SN New Waxworks on High Street
18/7 SS Snake eggs make natural history at Skegness
18/7 SS Sunday bathing tragedy
25/7 SN House struck by lightening
25/7 SN John Searby death
25/7 SN More about the Waxworks
1/8 SN Ship Hotel (gibraltar Point) fire (Will Holland)
8/8 SS Beesley death
8/8 SS Barman found dead in cellar Ship Hotel
15/8 SS Speedboat sunk
15/8 SN 70 people cut off by tide
15/8 SS Barman found dead in Ship Hotel cellar follow up
22/8 SS First prize picture
22/8 SS War victim dies
22/8 SS Incident at Winter Gardens
22/8 SS Miss E Elvin in beauty competition
29/8 SN Circus caberet performer injured
5/9 SS Butlins Beauty Queen
5/9 SN Skegness girl chosen as Lincolnshire beauty queen
12/9 SN Fred Cooper shop
19/9 SS Carnival float Capture of King Kong
19/9 SS Mrs Trevit death
26/9 SS Fire at Lumley Road restaurant
26/9 SS Plans for County Hotel, originally named The Jolly Fisherman
3/10 Ship Hotel architecture
3/10 SN Four generations of the Loft Family picture (Jimmy Loft entertainer)
17/10 SS Skegness Chicks change
17/10 SN Rev Disney memorial unveiling ceremony (not photographed)
14/11 SN Skegness woman will benefactor disappears
21/11 Old and New Showroom
21/11 SN War Dead memorial window St Clement’s Church
21/11 SN High Street cottages demolished
28/11 SN 70 years a choirister (Adlard)
28/11 Whale ship Eliza
12/12 SN New Skegness Magistrate
12/12 SS 1595 Salt Marshes map found – how salt was made at the seaside
12/12 SS New lady magistrates
12/12 SS Offensive postcards sent to a Skegness married woman
19/12 SS Man gasses himself on eve of wedding
19/12 SN Elizabeth Allen separation announced
19/12 SN Inquest on wedding eve
19/12 SS Grandma cuts cake
3/1 Borman coal merchants
17/1 Skegness Council request designs for Skegness poster (flashback)
24/1 ‘Bouncing Boatmen’ poster considered by Skegness Council (flashback)
14/2 County Hotel was initially to be named ‘The Jolly Fisherman’
28/2 Child dies after swallowing a h’penny piece
Boating Lake construction and extension (flashback)
A Skegness Comic Opera
Skegness statistics and residential information
Miller Family Algitha House
1935 Lifeboat crew presentation
2/1 SS Bell wedding
2/1 Pensioner wedged in barrel after fatal fall from roof
9/1 SS Child succumbs to scalds
9/1 SS Waverley Hotel
9/1 Child’s body in a bag found on Skegness beach
9/1 Unusual fish washed ashore in Skegness
16/1 SS Hospital cake
23/1 Demolition of the building on the west corner of Briar Way at the High St junction (reference only – not complete story)
30/1 Skegnessians save lost bomber by flashing morse code signals with car headlights
30/1 SS Thrall’s motor car show
30/1 SS Elizabeth Allan seperation denial
30/1 SS Dr Wallace dies
30/1 SS John Searby’s Will
30/1 SS First dinner for Skegness Chamber of Commerce
6/2 SS Dr. Stanley Wallace tribute – includes picture (not photographed)
6/2 Widow robbed by her son
6/2 Gas attack Grosvenor Road
6/2 Death of Trevitt Pavilion manager
6/2 Skegness laundry girls photo
13/2 Jolly Fisherman now in Skegness
13/2 SS Village under the sea
13/2 SS History of Spilsby Gaol (prison)
20/2 Death of Thomas Hutson Lincolnshire’s oldest lifeboat man
20/2 Bodies found frozen to an upturned boat
20/2 SS Lifeboatman Thomas Hutson dies
20/2 SS History of Spilsby Grammar School
6/3 SS Town crier passes
6/3 Skegness-born artiste joins the Pier Follies
13/3 SS Death of Leo the Lion
13/3 SS Debut of new Skegness Band
13/3 Skegness plasterer in court for employees’ unpaid insurance stamps John Charles Fowler Curtis
13/3 60-year-old man indecency assaulted 13-year-old schoolgirl
13/3 New Skegness Brass Band photo
13/3 Child’s body in a bag found on Skegness beach – follow-up
13/3 Gold medal award for Skegness bakers
20/3 New Lumley Road shopping centre
20/3 SS Upton & Upton High Street shop advert with picture
27/3 SS Spilsby workhouse
27/3 SS Ex-inspector Cordon picture
27/3 SS Train station passenger guard retires
3/4 SS New Minister of Health
3/4 Tennyson College pupils photo
10/4 SS King and Queen read Skegness Guide
17/4 SS Spilsby train station history
17/4 SS New uniforms for Skegness Town Band
SS Advert for Tennyson College on Lifeboat Avenue
17/4 SS Stow wedding
17/4 SS Drowned in dolly tub
24/4 Married man abducted a teenage maid
24/4 Serious sex charge against Skegness man dismissed due to lack of evidence
24/4 NEP Clement’s Arcadia and Tower Cinema Sold
15/5 SS Marie Academy dance school
15/5 SS Jubilee bank book presented to Skegness children
5/6 SS Mayoress makes local history
12/6 SS Aerodrome
12/6 SS Tennyson – unpublished facts (not photographed)
19/6 SS Skegness bathing pool salt effluent affected cattle court case (not photographed)
19/6 County Hotel was made entirely from Skegness bricks and stone
26/6 SS Honeymoon by air
3/7 SS Sayer death
3/7 Dancing elephants for Skegness
10/7 SS Six-ton removal job
10/7 SS Road victim
10/7 SS Pre-Roman find at Ingoldmells
17/7 Buy British campaign
31/7 SS Elephants dip in the sea
31/7 SS Bill Hodgeson suicide by morphia
31/7 SS Car crash Drummond Road
31/7 SS Plug pulled on Thompson Amusements
7/8 SS Boothby Hall entered
14/8 SS Fined for not boiling pig swill
14/8 SS Enveloped in blue flames
21/8 SS Telegraph wires – protest
21/8 SS Danced with Mussolini’s sons
28/8 SS Liz Allan on fire (boat)
9/10 SS Leg-pull of the year
9/10 SS Skegness not so bracing
23/10 SS Old crazy cottage near Louth
24/10 NEP Council Refuses Deer Park for Skegness
4/12 SS Winthorpe School a disgrace
11/12 SS Sea rescue
18/12 SS Elizabeth Allan has operation
18/12 SS Elizabeth Allan at home
Feb Lawn Theatre converted into Hildred’s Hotel
John Hassall gets Jolly Fisherman Statue
Dec Pier Head demolished
18/4/1986 SS Roof of Shades Hotel jacked up during alterations, to accommodate an upstairs lounge
1936 1/1 SN Leap from a blazing plane
1/1 SS Christmas at Skegness Hospital picture
1/1 SS Pictures from 1935
8/1 Pier improvements
8/1 SN Atkinson death
8/1 SN Proposal for an aviary in Tower Gardens
22/1 SS Four generations at Skegness
22/1 SS Col Swan picture
29/1 SS Perm demo
29/1 SS Rowland Jenkins driving offence
29/1 SS Service for the King’s funeral held at St Matthew’s Church
29/1 SS Winthorpe school
29/1 SS Mr Clift dies
29/1 SN Film of King George’s funeral show at Skegness cinemas
5/2 Pier – artist’s impression
19/2 SN Oliver Cromwell’s boot in Burgh Museum
19/2 Printing works
19/2 SS George Burley death
26/2 SN Threats to murder wife and daughter
26/2 SN SOS radio broadcast
26/2 SS Magdalen Collage old picture showing John Searby
4/3 SN Drummond Road bus station foundations laid
18/3 SN Man dies after drinking neat acetic acid in fish and chip shop
18/3 SN History of the Skegness Methodist Churches
18/3 SN Major Gardman’s death
1/4 SS Tragedy at 6 Cecil Avenue
8/4 SN Sudden death of Mr T Francis, bathing van proprietor at his home 17 Wainfleet Road
1/4 SN Worker on the new Skegness Pier death (Elvin)
8/4 SS Fire at Boston
8/4 SS Offences in the 1700s
15/4 SS St George’s Hall scouts
15/4 SS Vinegar death case discussed in House of Commons
15/4 SN Pictures of the new Butlins Holiday Camp, Skegness
22/4 SN Frank Wilkinson of Ingoldmells, loses only daughter, Christine, age 2 years
22/4 SS Midnight blaze
SS Tennyson Collage advert
29/4 SS Fire picture
29/4 SN New Wainfleet bombing range will be ready by the end of the year
29/4 SN Death of Ex-servicemen’s club chairman
6/5 SN Foundation work begins on new Drummond Road bus station
13/5 SS More about St George’s Hall
27/5 SS Lifeboat dinner
27/5 SN Hindenburg just misses Skegness
27/5 SN First Milk Bar opens in Skegness
3/6 SS The Mollinsons visit Skegness
3/6 SS Lioness at large in Skegness
3/6 SN Woman shot at Skegness amusement park
3/6 SN Maid sacked
10/6 SN Doctor’s wife steals tankard from Skegness Hotel
10/6 Fred Rye’s lions feature
10/6 Younger’s ‘so bracing’ advert . (This is Jolly Fisherman before the official , modern costume)
10/6 Hughie Green at Butlins
10/6 Hypnotized lion – Chinese man
10/6 John Hassall’s first visit to Skegness
17/6 SN Jolly’s wife
17/6 SN Barmaid’s fatal fall through Hildred’s fan-light
17/6 John Hassall is presented with silver model of his Jolly Fisherman creation
24/6 SN Terrible crash on Grand Parade
1/7 SN Hindenburg over Seacroft
1/7 Car hits Skegness kiosk
1/7 ‘Speedy’ Winter Gardens clown
8/7 SS Lincolnshire events in 1700s
8/7 SS End of Burgh Collage
8/7 Pleasure cars bound for Africa
15/7 SN New day nursery open at former Cafe Dansant
15/7 SN Penny-all-the-way bus mishap
29/7 Through the arch – Sunshine corner
29/7 SN First radio broadcast from a holiday camp – Butlins Skegness
29/7 SN Bus station incident
29/7 SN Skegness pioneer’s death – Fensom
5/8 SN Porter death
5/8 SN Record bank holiday – holidaymakers sleep in Tower Gardens
12/8 SN Camper’s tragic death
12/8 SN Butlins picture
12/8 SN Skegness left without water at bank holiday
19/8 SS Skegness post van first to get ER insted of GR
19/8 SN Gallant attempt to rescue drowning man
23/9 SS Shirley Butlin’s birthday
23/9 SS Boy’s tragic death
23/9 SS 7-year-old boy dies
30/9 Palace de Dance
28/10 SS Old lady
4/11 SS Gasmask March
11/11 SS Stories of Lincolnshire coast smugglers
18/11 SS Link with the Past
25/11 Europa crashed into pier (flashback)
9/12 SS Hildred’s Hotel fire
9/12 SS Big feature on Mr H C Haslam (story not photographed)
9/12 SS William Marwood executioner
16/12 SS King Edward stamp
23/12 SS Body found in drain near Church Farm Museum (Frances Annie parsons)
23/12 SS Horse accident
30/12 SS Find after 44 years
Dec Construction begins on the new Marks & Spencer shop on Lumley Road
Butlins Holiday Camp opens
Old Ship Inn on Roman Bank is demolished
Plans for a Lumley Cinema
Skegness Caricatures
1937 13/1 Skegness boom in Scotland
20/1 SS Discussions about securing air raid shelters in Skegness
20/1 SN Friskney man suffocates on his false teeth
27/1 SN High Street greengrocer bankruptcy – Moore Bros.
3/2 SS Proposal to install air raid shelters in Skegness
3/2 Samuel Moody’s death
3/2 SN Skegness film star’s jewellery stolen – Elizabeth Allan
17/2 SN Skegness man helped found ‘Daily Herald’ – Samuel Stennett
17/2 SN Girl crashes over Sun Castle collenade – Maisie Shaw of Sea View Road
17/2 SN Funeral of Samuel Stennett (not photographed)
3/3 SN Child film star – Yvonne, daughter of Doris Cursue aka Doris Shaw
3/3 SN Horseriding on the beach proposal (not photographed)
3/3 SN Sub-postmaster found dead on sandhills – George Gillson
3/3 Skegness Band
24/3 SN In-depth, general story about the history of brick-making with a brief reference to the discovery of pre-Roman brick fragment in Skegness, below the peat level
28/4 SN New poster for Butlins Holiday Camp (picture)
28/4 SN Official commemorative plaque for King George VI coronation
28/4 SN Wainfleet Road Playing Fields
5/5 SN Skegness Excelsior Band second anniversary
12/5 SN Children in Coronation celebration (picture)
19/5 SN Suicide – head in gas oven – butcher, William Henry Robinson of 19 Algitha Road
19/5 SS Haslam
2/6 SS Bathing pool tragedy – first death by drowning
9/6 SN Man found with throat cut – Scarbrough Ave bordinghouse-keeper, John Keen-Smith
23/6 SN Roman pottery discovered at new sewage works site
23/6 Peaceful Skegness
23/6 SS Skegness Butlin’s Zoo Llama loose at Boston train station
7/7 SS Before the Clock Tower was built
7/7 SN Accident at Skegness laundry – Florrie Thompson (flashback to 1914)
14/7 SS Rector of Stiffkey Amazing story of defrocked rector who sat in Lions Den at Skegness – to be eventually mauled to death!
21/7 SS Battle of Flowers (includes picture)
21/7 SN Stan Holloway to star in film made at Butlin’s Skegness
28/7 SS Rector of Stiffkey arrested
28/7 SN Nursemaid buried by fall of sand – rescuer Harry Bright, producer at the Arcadia
28/7 SS Fire at the Skegness baths boiler house
4/8 Rector of Stiffkey death
4/8 SN Sex scandal Vicar of Stiffkey mauled by lion trial
4/8 SS Jolly Fisherman Charity Ladder Climb
4/8 SN Sex scandal Rector of Stiffkey funeral
11/8 SN Death of Henry Marshall, brother of Samuel Moody’s wife
25/8 SN Bus on fire in Berry’s garage
25/8 Skegness hospital artist’s impression
1/9 SN Boy impaled on car handle in accident near Sea View Hotel – Thomas Bray of Skegness
1/9 SS Freddie the Lion (which killed the Vicar of Stiffkey) bites again
8/9 SN Ran off to Gretna Green – Kathleen Lillian Page, 18, of Coastguard Cottages & Claron Moss (also a follow-up story of the man who married the couple)
15/9 SS John Hassall famous Jolly Fisherman poster
15/9 SN Hassall visits Butlins Holiday Camp in Skegness
15/9 SS John Hassall, creator of the Skegness Jolly Fisherman, judges Butlin’s contest
15/9 SS Joyous time in Germany
13/10 SN Duke and Duchess of Kent photographed in front of the Skegness Jolly Fisherman poster
27/10 SS About Germany
3/11 SN Lion tamer charged for unsafe conveyance of lions – Fred Rye
10/11 SS Children’s broadcast
10/11 SN Young girl accuses the local doctor of seducing her – trial
17/11 Elizabeth Allen returns to the stage
17/11 SS Boy injured in Butlin’s Maze
24/11 SS Freddie the Lion
24/11 SS Three men and a dog rescued by Skegness lifeboat
1/12 SN Elizabeth Allan honours newly-formed Skegness Playgoers by accepting office of vice-president
22/12 SS German village
?/12 SS Tennis stars in Skegness
Bryant School Wainfleet Principal Miss Bidder
Constuction of the new Marks and Spencer shop on Lumley Road is complete
Marks & Spencer Opens in Skegness Advert
Lincolnshire’s Largest Bible
1938 26/1 SN ROAB member supplied beer to schoolboys
2/2 SN British Legion dinner party pictures
9/2 SN Nellie Hammond death
16/2 SS Gift of embroidered cloth given to Skegness hospital (the hospital still have the cloth in storage)
16/2 SS Was there once a Wash ferry?
16/2 SS Tommy Gore is new conductor for Skegness band
23/2 SS 50th anniversary for Burgh couple – Epton
23/2 SS Butlin’s Zoo animals and Salvation Army noise complaints
2/3 SS Skegnessian’s tiger trophy
2/3 SS Death of Daniel Parker
2/3 SS Picture of Skegness Town Silver Band
2/3 SN Proposal for a civic centre in Tower Gardens
30/3 SN RSPCA clinic for Skegness
5/4 Skegness waterway extended over the central foreshore
6/4 SS Death of Henry Stephenson
13/4 SN Thomas Green death
20/4 SN Casino roof builder in court
20/4 SN Skegness film star Elizabeth Allan christens lion cub
27/4 SS Rabbit sets tree on fire – horror
4/5 SS Arcadia Theatre old advert, showing a picture of the Lincolnshire School of Dance
4/5 SN Butlins lonely hearts letters
4/5 SN Dr Peter Gardiner’s death at Ocean Avenue
4/5 SN Mary Bamber dies Lumley Avenue
11/5 SN Butlins Lonely Hearts gathering (includes picture)
11/5 SN Surprise for Skegness jeweller after Butlins Lonely Hearts gathering
25/5 SS Lion cub christening
25/5 SN Fire at Seacroft dunes
25/5 SN Dog and cycle accident
25/5 SN RSPCA opens in Skegness (not photographed)
1/6 SS Monkey born at Skegness – picture
1/6 SS Bravery award for brickpit rescuer Frederick Parker
1/6 SN Monkey born at Skegness
1/6 SN Albatross shot at North Shore (Albatross = golf term)
8/6 About Skegness
8/6 SN Mrs Butlin hurt in car crash
6/7 SN Uproar at the lion show
6/7 SS Threats to let lions loose in Skegness
6/7 SS NDFS Matron
13/7 SN Fire at the amusement park
13/7 SN Kings Hall and Baths bought by Kemp
13/7 SN Winter Gardens Circus
13/7 Butlins Bathing Beauties
20/7 SN Immoral behaviour
27/7 SN Skegness bricks at Wembly
3/8 SN Dog pulled woman to her death in Coronation Walk (Rose)
3/8 SN Child found dead in drain
17/8 SS Grunnill’s model boat
24/8 SN Woman’s nude body found on Skegness beach
24/8 SS Mother saves child from drowning – Hancock nee Bogg
24/8 SS Entertainer George Roby at King’s Theatre – picture
22/9 SS Two Skegness men – Capes
21/9 Lusitania survivor in Skegness police court
26/1 RAOB man accused of giving alcohol to young boy
3/8 SN Dramatic beach incident
10/8 SN Sorry, Skegness
17/8 SN Black cats not always lucky – Mrs Butlin
17/8 SN Thimbleby donation to Skegness lifeboat
24/8 Nude woman’s body found on Skegness beach
31/8 SN Beach woman’s body telltale bruises
31/8 SN Gallantry of lion tamer – reference to Vicar of Stiffkey
31/8 SN Elderly woman falls to her death on local hotel’s stairs
7/9 SN Policeman stung to death after drinking from a can of pop with wasps inside it
7/9 SN Viscount the Wonder Dog
7/9 SN Deckchair assistant, John Ball sues gipsy, Sara Price, of Church Lane Winthorpe for putting a curse on him
14/9 SS TSB Roman Bank opening ceremony
14/9 SN St Matthew’s Church collection box theft
14/9 SN “Hitler” called in Skegness police court
21/9 SN Gassed himself after separation order
21/9 SN Charles Hanahan death at Saxby Avenue
21/9 SN Lusitania survivor in Skegness police court
28/9 SN Register your baby for a gas mask
28/9 SS Wall of Death ‘Speedy’ North animal cruelty charge
5/10 SS Wedding – Lewis of Roman Bank
12/10 SS Gas mask picture
12/10 SS Family at Cecil Avenue
19/10 SN Maid and landlady in court
26/10 SN Fred Rye lion keeper in Vicar of Stiffkey trial – verdict (not photographed)
26/10 SN Beam wireless station to close
26/10 SN Skegness jockey injured – Jack Knott of South Parade
26/10 SN Throat cut patient discovered by matron of Skegness Hospital
2/11 SS Horse makes history at Louth Hospital
9/11 SS Ellen Maria Fowler Funeral
16/11 SN Tragic discovery in back of Skegness shop, Frank Richard Burnell of Franklin Avenue Skegness
16/11 SS Kay’s Garage Roman Bank advert
16/11 SS School children make cenotaph model
30/11 SN Crew of the Dusty Miller of Boston saved by Skegness lifeboat (picture of crew)
7/12 SS In the olden days
14/12 SS Spanish refugees mystery
28/12 SS Sayer
Duke of Kent visits Butlins holiday camp
Tower Gardens bandstand demolished
1939 The Warren at Gibraltar Point demolished
SS Two articles re Mablethorpe miniature railway appear in Jan/Feb issues (not photographed)
4/1 National School Photo WW1
4/1 SS Crawshaw in Skegness National School picture
4/1 Young airman assaulted in bar
18/1 SN Skegness  steam laundry social club photo
18/1 SS Proposed museum
25/1 SS Blaze at Thrall’s garage
25/1 SS Haley’s death
25/1 Stealing coal
1/2 Baby falls into fire
8/2 SS G. F. Rowson death
8/2 SS Wall’s ‘Lincolnsheer’
8/2 Butlins fire
15/2 Butlins fire
15/2 Fire engine crashes after attending Butlins fire
15/2 Shock for local housewife
15/2 “Seacroft Aristocrat” at cruft’s
15/2 SS Fireman’s narrow escape from death
22/2 IRA bomb hoax
1/3 SS Pier reconstruction
22/2 Hardaker music Poor children’s Fund
22/2 SS Butlin’s holiday camp fires – IRA not suspected
22/2 SS Marie’s dancers
22/2 SS Recent fires spark memories
1/3 SS Two piers
8/3 Skegness film star sues film company
15/3 SS Billy Butlin Imports Britain’s First Delahaye
29/3 SS Billy Butlin in air crash
5/4 SS Council election candidates pictures
5/4 SS Butlin’s fire-damaged laundry retrieved
12/4 SS Old tricycle
12/4 SS Pridmore
3/5 “Bombs” Skegness train
7/5 Jolly Fisherman painter, John Hassall calls for a museum in Skegness
10/5 Hassall on the Civil List
24/5 SS Miner’s Centre
31/5 Duchess of Gloucester royal visit
31/5 First baby born at Skegness Maternity hospital
24/5 First miners holiday camp in Britain
14/6 SS Old picture of Firsby train station – 1886
21/6 Verdict on “Baby falls into fire” case
28/6 SN/SS John Hassall, creator of the Skegness Jolly Fisherman, visits Skegness Butlins
5/7 SS New organ for Parade Cinema
5/7 SS Winston Kime’s wedding
12/7 SS Barrage Balloon escapes (Moody)
12/7 SS Gilbert car
19/7 SS Joe Veich Butlins
2/8 Child dies in quicksand
9/8 Skegness road accident mystery
23/8 Pier high diver is injured
23/8 SS New Ingoldmells Hotel feature with pictures (not photographed)
30/8 Autographs sold for hospital
6/9 SS Child evacuees arrive from Grimsby
6/9 SN Child evacuees arrive from Grimsby
6/9 SN Clothes appeal for child evacuees
20/9 SS Liz Allan’s war effort
27/9 SS Old advert for the Thirty Club Castleton Boulevard
11/10 SN Entertaining the child evacuees
18/10 SS Scissor-grinder, John Minkley in court
8/11 SS Woods’ deaths
8/11 SS No parents allowed at Grammar School speech day – first time
29/11 SN Skegness appeals to Grimsby (child evacuees)
27/12 SS Inside Butlin House picture – Billy Butlin Christmas Cards for Campers
Work carried out on Pier after damage by the Europa, 20 years previously

0 thoughts on “1930s

  1. I am lookign for information on the Mitchell family who lived in Gas Works House, Skegness in the 1930’s.(Alexander and Mary Mitchell)

  2. Does anyone know of Lawson’s Ice Cream Co in the late 1920’s/early 30s and operating on the sands at Skegness?
    And was there a Happy Valley theatre ?

  3. FAO Peter:
    Not sure of Lawson’s Ice Cream Co but I’ll keep a lookout for it.
    Happy Valley Theatre was Fred Clements’ entertainers on the Sand (towards the north end).

  4. Would you believe, Peter – I’ve just found a 1928 story with a reference to Lawson’s Ice Cream Kiosk!! – only a reference, mind, but I’ll aim to upoad it in the next couple of days.

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