Woodward Smashes Rave Zoo Sign

Fantasy Island boss, John Woodward, closed The Zoo nightclub following the second ‘rave related’ death of a teenager. He smashed up the nightclub’s sign to signify the closing. His actions were televised at the time.

Fantasy Island boss has closed The Zoo nightclub following the second ‘rave related’ death of a teenager.
Rave attraction owner took a 10 pound sledge hammer to the nightclub sign and declared the club closed following the death of teenager, Jean-Marc Philip Wainwright (17) from Grimsby after attending a rave at the club.
John Woodward said: “The club cannot continue as a dance venue and although the police are quite happy to keep it open until 2am, it will now close.”
He added: “I can’t change the youth culture of today, but what I can change is that it’s not happening on my doorstep.”
Mr Woodward sent his condolences to the family of Jean-Marc. He said: “If I could do anything to bring the lad back I would do it.”
Mr Woodward added: “When we first started Fantasy Island I intended it to be a resort for all ages from 2 to 72, including an element for the teenagers where they could dance in a proper manner.”
Mr Woodward said that increased measures, such as doubling the search team, installing water fountains, using CCTV and co-operating in undercover police operations, had been put into place after the death of York teenager, Danial North who attended The Zoo last year.
He said: “A percentage of the kids found other ways of smuggling drugs into the venue or just took them before going in. There was no way of completely stopping it, unless we carried out a total strip search on everyone.”
He added: “99 per cent of the kids coming here are good kids – it’s just a minority spoiling it for the rest.”
The club will now be converted into either a conference centre, a marine life centre or an educational weather type centre incorporating a children’s ride.
Chief Insp. Brian Manson said: “We are delighted by Mr Woodward’s decision which we think is both sensible and sensitive in the light of the tragic deaths of Daniel North and Jean-Marc Wainwright.






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