Rare Collection of Old Photographs Auctioned

A RARE collection of old photographs of Skegness is to be sold at auction next Wednesday.

They provide fascinating documentation on the development and changing face of Skegness.

As such, they provide a fascinating insight into a way of life long disappeared.

The photographs were bought in 1925 by Mr Frank Wood of Skegness from Mrs Amy Smyth, together with the assignment of copyright.

It is not known how many pictures there were originally, but Mr Wood paid £50 — a handsome sum 70 years ago.

Among the 20 or so photographs and glass negatives to be sold are views of the first train in Skegness in 1872, Greenwoods tea room, the Hildreds Hotel and British wounded in the First World War.

The auction is to be held from 10am at Walter’s in Mint Lane, Lincoln on September 15, with viewing between 10am and 7pm the previous day.

Source: Skegness News 8th September 1993

Notes: The photographs and captions below were included in the article above.

Miss Amy Greenwood (the lady who sold the photographs to Frank Wood in 1925), married Walter Smyth in 1908. Walter, who died in 1921, was the son of the first photographer in Skegness, Mr Charles Smyth. The top photo was taken in 1860, (before Walter was born in 1876), possibly by Charles Smyth. Maybe he passed his collection to Walter on his death, which would explain how Mrs Amy Smyth had them in her possession.

It is not known who owns these photographs today.

A real curiosity, here. This signpost was on High Street, Skegness, pointing to Burgh and Wainfleet.
All set for a day’s work — fishmonger Walter Smyth (right) and an employee prepare to set off on their rounds. I

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