Splattergram Fun ends in Fracas

A Janice Sutton dancer nominated the town crier Ted Davy for a ‘splattergram’ which was duly administered in Compass Gardens, Skegness on Wednesday afternoon.

ITV cameras took a long series of shots before the final one, when the Saturday Disney Programme presenter, Carmen, pushed a custard pie into Ted’s face on one side and 11-year-old Sarah Preston did the same on the other.
Sarah had nominated Ted because he had shouted so loud near her at the carnival princess competition and the splatter is due to be screened on October 1st.
During the rehearsal for the final scene, one of a group of youths intervened and Ted became involved in a scuffle which left him with a bruised face for the scene.
The youths walked off and the police were called.

The ‘splattergram’ filming turned sour when a scuffle broke out involving Town Crier Ted Davy and some youths

Source: Skegness Standard 1994

Photo Mike Cooper



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