WW2 aircraft propellor recovered offshore Skegness

Skegness lifeboat crew donned their dry suits and waded out to sea off the town’s Seaview Road for a rather unusual rescue in 1992 – to recover a huge propeller sticking out of the sand.

The crew were heading back to base after an exercises when they saw one of the propeller blades breaking through the water like a shark’s fin.
After delving into the lifeboat logs from the Second World War, written by his father, Mr Wilfred Grunnill, the RNLI’s hon sec Mr Joel Grunnill believes the propeller belonged to a Handey Page Hampden aircraft which ditched in the sea off Skegness almost 52 years ago.
“It must have come to the surface because of years of sand erosion and we had to bring it in because it was a great danger to our crafts and other boats.”
The three pronged propeller now takes pride of place in the lifeboat house in Tower Esplanade.

Picture below: Lifeboat coxswain, Paul Martin and RNLI hon sec Joel Grunnill view the Hampden propeller, recently recovered from the depths off Seaview Road Skegness.


October 1992


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