Child Knocked Down at Lumley Vaults Corner

This 1910 article describes an accident concerning a child being knocked down at ‘Lumley Vaults corner’ by Mr William Kidd.

The interest to us here is…where were the ‘Lumley Vaults’ in Skegness?

At first I thought it might refer to the cellars or vaults of the Lumley Hotel, but it’s been suggested it could have been the junction of Lumley Road and Lumley Avenue where the Capital and Counties Bank was (Lloyds Bank today). As we said, the article is from 1910, but I’m understanding the bank opened in 1911.

There’s an article recounting a fire at the Lumley Hotel which says: Joseph Davy, barman, said he was putting out the lights in the vaults when he heard his name called in an excited voice. So it seems there WERE, in fact, vaults at the Lumley Hotel.

(Thanks to Jenni Blankley for her help with this investigation)

1910_SH 023-001

Source: Skegness Herald 1st July 1910


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