Church Farm Child Drowned in Drain

On Sunday afternoon last, a little girl aged two-and-a-half years, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. John Burn, Church Farm, Skegness, was found drowned in the Main Drain, Skegness, which runs alongside the road to S. Clement’s Churchyard, and in close proximity to the farmhouse. The child, in company with the elder children, went into the front garden after dinner. Directly afterwards the Child was missed and eventually found in the drain near to the footbridge leading to the Wainfleet Road. Dr. Wallace was immediately sent for, but death had supervened on his arrival. Great sympathy is felt for the sorrowing parents in their sad loss. A similar accident occurred some years ago at the same spot and several children have fallen into the, water along a distance of about 100 yards parallel to the roadside, but fortunately been rescued without further damage than a severe fright and wetting. The jury in their deliberation drew the Coroners attention to the dangerousness of that portion of the drain between Bridge House and Church Farm. It was pointed out that it was a public road and children came there, to play. The banks were steep and a child would be unable to recover itself if it slipped, or toppled over near the drain side. The jury were unanimous in their opinion that something should be done to safeguard that portion of the drain.

(The article continues with the Inquest.)

Source: Skegness News 30th May 1917

Photo: painting of Church Farm, Skegness.

Farmhouse, Church Farm Museum. Taken from a painting by David Cuppleditch


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