Trap Accident at Skegness

Vehicle Smashed and Animal Gallops Away
An exciting incident occured at Skegness last Thursday evening, shortly beforfe 11 o’clock.
It appears that Mr Bradley of Thorpe St Peter had been over at skegness on business, and was preparing to return home. For this purpose he had harnessed his pony into a small trap in Coun. Moody’s yard, opposite the Railway Station.
Before, however, Mr Bradley had got into the vehicle the animal became restive and suddenly bolted off up the yard.
Mr Bradley endeavoured to stop it, but without avail, and upon reaching the gateway, one of the wheels came into violent contact with the gate post.
The force of the impact was such that the left shaft of the trap was smashed off, and the seat cuchions thown into the roadway.
The animal succeeded in freeing itself from the damaged vehicle, and galloped away in the direction of Wainfleet.
The trap was subsequently taken back to Coun. Moody’s stable, and the animal was shortly afterwards secured on Wainfleet Road.
Source Skegness Herald 25th February 1910


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