Skegness Men Called to War

Enthusiastic Scenes

1914_SMA_2 001
Following a stirring appeal for recruits for Lord Kitchener’s new Army by Major Weigall (Recruiting Officer for the Eastern Division of Lincolnshire), and to the accompaniment of hearty cheers and rounds of applause, fifty-two Skegness and near district stalwart young fellows step-ped up and enlisted last night.
The appeal was made from the steps of the Sands Pavilion, and a crowd of fully three thousand people must have been gathered on the spacious lawn and. the contiguous sandhills fronting the Pavilion. It was a magnificent gathering, a magnificent appeal and a magnificent response in a magnificent cause.
Major Weigall was accompanied by Mrs. Weigall and quite a large party of friends from Woodhall Spa and district. Coun. Geo. F. Ball, JR, presided over the gathering and he was supported by all the influential ladies and gentlemen of the town and district.
Ball, who was heartily received, made the following speech, which was punctuated throughout with frequent applause :-
” Citizens of Skegness am proud to see so many here, and I do hope that this endeavour of Major Weigall to stir tip the patriotic enthusiasm of our young men may prove successful, and his labour be thus fully rewarded.
“We as Englishmen enjoy glorious heritage, the freedom of our institutions and the security of our rights hts as individuals are the envy of the civilised world. For a long…

(The article continues but I have not photographed or transcribed it in full.)

Source: Skegness News 5th August 1914

2012-10-24 12.40.52

Photo: An army recruiting drive at Skegness Clock Tower. Source: Lincolnshire Seaside Book.

Note: the Sands Pavilion is the former name for the Cafe Dansant on Tower Esplanade.


One thought on “Skegness Men Called to War

  1. looking for relatives of mr and mrs crawford clark ran guest house in skegness i am a second cousin i think

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