Skegness Official Guide 1910

We have received from Mr. Edward J. Burrow, fine art publisher, of Cheltenham, a copy of the Official Guide to Skegness, as issued under the auspices of the Skegness Urban District Council. This is in the style of the Borough Pocket Guides, and comprises one of the latest additions to that popular series. The guide in question contains a street plan and cycling map of the district, full information of the public: bodies, institutions, places of worship, amusements, attractions, postal arrangements, sport, pastimes, etc., etc., in the town and district, everything being set out in a clear, concise and up-to-date manner. A special feature included too, is an article on Skegness as an Educational Centre, showing the advantages our town can offer in this direction. The guide also contains 24 illustrations of views of the town, these being beautifully executed in colours with charming effect. We have no hesitation in saying that this guide is the best of its kind yet brought out, and the publisher is to be congratulated on his splendid production of U. To every intending visitor or
,would-be resident, it is a veritable .,sine qua non, and will, we feel sure,
enhance considerably the charms of, and give greater publicity to, our pretty town. We understand that the guide is now on sale at the various station bookstalls and booksellers, and to those requiring such a publication we recommend the one in question as the best.

Source: Skegness Mablethorpe and Alford News 3rd August 1910


Images of the full Guide to Skegness 1910


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