Princess Marie Louise Lays Skegness Cottage Hospital Foundation Stone

For the first time in the resort’s history, Skegness was graced with royalty when Princess Marie Louis came to lay the foundation stone for the Skegness Cottage Hospital on 29th September, 1911.
The Cottage Hospital was to be a Memorial to the Coronation of King George V.
A procession set of from the Clock Tower, down Lumley Road, to the site, which was donated by the Earl of Scarbrough.
Her Highness was presented with a silver trowel, then performed the stone-laying ceremony.
It is interesting to note that a TIME CAPSULE containing coins and local newspapers was secreted behind the stone.
This is a photograph of the stone today…tragically, it has eroded so much that most of the lettering has been lost! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to use sandstone!


The following is the article which appeared in the Boston Guardian 07 October 1911:

Princess Marie Louise Lays Skegness Cottage Hospital Foundation Stone 29th September 1911.



Photograph belows shows the procession from the Clock Tower to the site of the ceremony.



This slightly later photograph of Skegness Cottage Hospital clearly shows the Foundation Stone beneath the big window on the right:



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