Kaiser Effigy Burned

This article describes a photograph of a scene during World War 1, which belonged to Mr Neville Ball. Neville was the son of local auctioneer and valuer George F Ball. The photo shows an effigy of Kaiser which the people of Skegness were preparing to burn.

We tracked down the wife of Neville, who sadly died almost twenty years ago. The fine old lady, Marjorie is now 86 years old. She has given her kind permission for us to show the old photo on our website. And what’s more, she has agreed to talk to us about her father-in-law and his family in Skegness. We’re meeting her soon so don’t forget to check back.

“Ready for a Kaiser ‘burn-up’

Residents and businessmen in Drummond Road and Rainford Terrace, Skegness are seen preparing to burn an effigy of the Kaiser during the 1914-1918 war [World War 1]
Pictured here is local auctioneer and valuer George F Ball and his wife, and removal contractor Edward Ball.
Also in the background is sign writer and decorator John Steel.
But the remainder of the crowd are unknown – unless, of course, you know better?
The photograph was kindly loaned to us by former lifeboat secretary Mr Neville Ball of North Foreland Drive, Skegness.”

1985_86 057


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