German PoW Camp on Morris School Site

This little snippet tells us there was a German PoW camp on the site of the Morris School!

“In 1941, Paul was a pupil at Skegness Infants School and on his first day, and just four years old, the children were shown a picture ofAdolf Hitler and taught to recite in unison every day:
‘We hate the Germans!’
The schoolchildren had identity cards which were inspected daily as were the gas masks which they always took to school.
Paul recalls that they spent most of their time in the air raid shelter, singing nursery rhymes.
‘We weren’t taught the alphabet,’ he said, ‘and because of the paper shortage, we wrote with chalk on Victorian style slates, ‘
On starting school, Paul ‘s mother said they should drop his hyphenated name ‘Hezzell’ which was of German origin. Paul’s great great grandfather was German.
During the war, Paul and his family lived at Southdene, 120 Burgh Road, opposite the Morris School site which was a German Prisoner of War camp. Paul found it rather strange that having recited the evocative words at school, the men at the camp were friendly and made wooden toys for the children.
‘My mother also made scones for the men, ‘he said ‘and it was all a bit of a puzzle to me’. puzzle to me.’ ”



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