Lost Medal Found After 47 Years

A Long-Lost Medal
HOW a comparatively small incident can take memories back many years has again been revealed. Last week the “Standard” recounted how, while following his usual avocation in the Tower Gardens, Mr. W. Horton unearthed a medal awarded to F. Smalley as the winner of a swimming race as far back as 1893.
The query was raised as to whether the individual who lost the medal was a son of the late Mr. Thomas Smalley, a former Skegness lifeboat “veteran,” under whose coxswain-ship the vessel saved many lives.
A day or two later, Mr. Morley, of “Rosalie,” Old Burgh Road, called at the “Standard” Office and told us that Fred Smalley died thirteen years ago, but that his mother is still alive and living with him (our informant), I had penned these notes when Miss M. Green called upon me to supplement the particulars.
This lady states that Fred Smalley, second son of Mr. Tom Smalley, coxswain of the lifeboat for many years, won the trophy at the sea-water swimming baths in Scarbrough Avenue, where boys performed clever and amusing feats for the entertainment of the seasonal visitors. He was then about fourteen, and while still a boy playing with his companions he lost the treasured possession somewhere on the sands.
His mother, Mrs. Thacker, who, as stated, again resides at the resort, was, of course, greatly interested in the discovery of the medal, and says she would be very glad to receive this reminder of her deceased son. I am sure that the tinder will be happy to hand it over. One wonders by what chance the medal, lost on the beach 47 years ago, found it’s way into the Tower Gardens!

Source: Skegness Standard 21st July 1940

Wonder if Fred Smalley’s swimming medal still exists today?


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