Death of Skegness Farmer John Olivant Smith

Funeral of Mr. J. 0. Smith
APPROPRIATE PPROPRIATE REFERENCE to the sterling work and worth of the deceased gentleman throughout his long and active association with the Methodist Connexion was made by the Rev. A, W. Hall, who conducted the tuneral service of the late Mr. John Olivant Smith, in the Roman Bank Methodist Church. on Thursday last. The minister was supported by the Rev. Waiter Reed (superintendent circuit minister)
As stated in our obituary notice last week, Mr. Smith’s services to the old Primitive Methodist cause and onward from the inception of Methodist Union w re invaluable, and warm praise of this work. coup’ed with a tribute to the upright life and sterling character of the deceased gentleman formed the substance of the Rev. Hail’s remarks.
Mr. Smith had filled the office of circuit steward for a great number of years until considerations of heath compelled him to relinquish the work. He continued. however, to act as treasurer of the Roman Bank Church and the Sunday Schools up to his death, which occurred oa Monday week at the age of 71
He was the oldest tenant of the Earl of Scarbrough cn the latter’s Skegness estate, having farmed successively at Church Farm, ivy House Farm, Wainfleet Road. and Dean’s Farm, Wainfleet Road. He died at the latter address, after a brief illness, a period of which he spent in the Cottage Hospital, but requested to return to his home, his passing occurring a few hours after his wish had been complied with.
It was a pathetic coincidence that Mr. Smith should spend the last week of his life in the Cottage Hospital, as he had been an ardent supporter of this institution ever since the hospital came into being, and had served on the Executive Committee throughout that long period.
The late gentleman was one of the founders of the Skegness Farmers’ Dairy Company, his colleagues being well known farmers and milk producers in Skegness and the near district

Death of Mr. J. O. Smith
THE METHODIST denomination has lost a local stalwart and the Skegness and District Cottage Hospital a valued worker and supporter through the death of Mr. John Oliphant Smith, who passed away at his home, Dean’s Farm, Wainfleet Road. Skegness, on Monday last, at the age of 71.
One of the best known and respected farmers in this part of East LincoInshire. Mr. Smith came to Skegness when he was nine years old. He commenced work at that early age and had been a most industrious man throughout the whole of the intervening 62 years. He worked practically up to the time of his death, which terminated a short illness of just over a week.
Mr. Smith had lived at Dean’s Farm for the past sixteen years. Previous to this he was at Ivy House Farm and Church Farm. All three farms belong to the estate of Lord Scarbrough, and by the death of Mr. Smith his lordship loses his oldest tenant locally.
A lifelong Methodist, the late Mr. Smith did yeoman service for the old Primitive Methodist cause, and continued this after Methodist Union had become an accomplished fact. He acted as treasurer of the church for many years, and among other offices which he held for considerable periods was that of circuit steward.
Next to his Church, the Cottage Hospital was the “love” of Mr. Smith’s life. He was, we believe. one of the first members of the Executive Committee and was unanimously re-elected year after year. He was an inmate of the hospital for a short period prior to his death, being removed home at his request.
Mr Smith’s Church activities were fully shared by his wife and only daughter (Mrs. Hunt). Mrs. Smith is also a valued worker for the District Nurse Association.

The Skegness Methodist ‘Circuit has suffered a severe loss as the result of the death of Mr. John Olivant Smith, of Dean’s Farm, Wainfleet Rpad, Skegness, which occurred at that address last Monday evening. He was 71 years of age.
A staunch adherant of the old Primitive Methodist Connexion, the deceased had held many offices in that church, both before and after the Methodist Union of a few years ago. At the time of his death he was Treasurer of the Roman Bank (formerly Primitive Methodist) Church, and also of the Sunday Schools associated with that church.
For more years than even those nearest to him are able to remember, he filled with great zeal and capability the office of Circuit Steward. He was induced to continue in that office for the wider field of the combined circuit after the Union, and only relinquished it, in consequence of failing health ,a few years ago, when he was succeeded by the late Mr. G. F. Shelton.

Both his wife and his only daughter, Mrs. Lilian Hunt, have also for many years been staunch workers in the Methodist cause, and the deepest sympathy of a wide circle of friends will be extended to them in their bereavement.
Born at Wainfleet, and spending his boyhood in the neighbouring village of Croft, the deceased came to Skegness as a nineyear-old boy. As a youth he assisted his father for a time, but ultimately farmed on his own, first at Church Farm, later at Ivy House Farm, Wainfleet Road, opposite the Isolation Hospital), and for the last sixteen years at Dean’s Farm, just beyond the present position of the “thirty-mile limit” signs on Wainfleet Road. In later years he had been a well-known local milk-producer.
In addition to his Methodist associations, he was a warm supporter of the Skegness and District Cottage Hospital, and served for many years, up to the time of his death, on its Executive and Finance Committees. He was also a member of the Skegness Council of Christian Churches.

For several years his health had been indifferent, but he was taken ill suddenly A week last Friday, after an arduous day in clearing snow on his farm. A seizure followed, and on the following Monday he was removed to the Cottage Hospital for treatment. After a week he expressed a desire to return to his own home, and he was moved last Monday, passing away later in the death.
Singularly enough, his death occurred only half an hour before that of an old friend in the person of Mr. John G. Holmes, whose death is reported elsewhere in this issue. The two were boyhood friends, had lived in close proximity to each other as young men, and the ties of friendship had been strengthened through their association with the same church.
Mr. Smith will be buried to-morrow (Thursday), the service at the Roman Bank Methodist Church being timed for 2 p.m.

List of Mourners at the Funeral



John Olivant Smith’s grave in St Clement’s Churchyard, Skegness.


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