How Berry Way was Named

Berry name is honoured

BERRY WAY is the name being recommended by Skegness Town Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee for the new link road between Wainfleet Road and Lincoln Road. This will commemorate the family who brought the motor car to Skegness and owned a garage next to the site until two years ago.

When the need for a name was raised at the committee’s meeting on Wednesday, Coun Fainlight remarked that the last thoroughfare to be named was called “Lagoon Walk” and the next thing they knew there was a lagoon there, caused by the January flooding. “Let’s not tempt Providence again” he remarked.

In serious vein, he suggested that the opportunity be taken at long last to honour the name of Mr Rowland Jenkins, who, as urban council surveyor, was the architect of the foreshore.

The Mayor, Coun Mrs Elsa Barratt, agreed, saying: “Nobdy did more for Skegness than Mr Jenkins.”

Coun Doug Sorby said the one-way system of which the link road formed part was a major road project and the new road had changed Skegness more than any other, but it was too short.

“I hope in the future there is going to be some development which will warrant the name Jenkins a little bit more than this particular 100 yards of tarmac,” he said.

It was Coun John Forman who put forward the Berry family for consideration, pointing out that they had a garage there before the coming of the car and had brought the first car to Skegness. He proposed Berry Way because of their close association with that site for a long time and their part in the development of motor traffic in the town.

Seconding, Coun Eric Wright said there would be a more suitable road to name after Mr Jenkins some day —possibly the one planned through the cricket ground to the sea front.

The motion was passed unamimously.

FOOTNOTE:. The garage, founded by Mr Bill Berry in 1895, specialised in bicycles and horse transport at first. Four years later, Mr Berry brought a Daimler from London to introduce this new invention to Skegness.

The business passed to his son, Louis, and then to his three grandsons, who are still living in Skegness. They sold the garage to the Skegness transport firm, H and A. Swift Limited, at the beginning of 1974.

Source: Skegness Standard 31st March 1976


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