Lincolnshire’s Largest Bible

The following story about Lincolnshire’s largest bible appeared in a 1937 issue of a Skegness newspaper. The burning questions is…does this bible still exist today? If YOU know where it is, we’d love to hear from you! Lincolnshire’s Largest Bible WE HAVE all heard of record breaking holly-hocks and vegetable marrows of such incredible proportions that they had…

Wedding Fashions of 1877

It is not often that one is able to alight upon a photograph of a wedding group taken as long ago as 137 years. That shown below was taken at the wedding of a Louth couple, Mr and Mrs Brewer, in May, 1877. Mr Brewer worked for one firm for at least 71 years! 1937

Marks & Spencer Built on Lumley Road

The top picture shows the development of the building project from derelict plot through to the construction to the completed Marks and Spencer shop in Lumley Road, Skegness. Judging by the dates on the photographs, work must have started in December

Fatal Horse & Carrier Cart Collision

IN THIS MOTORING AGE it is sometimes forgotten that there were road casualties before the petrol engine dominated the highways. Stage coach accidents were frequent, and in later times even the carriers’ carts, whose speed was seldom likely to be excessive, were often involved in mishaps of a more or less serious nature. One of the most terrible fatalities occurred…