Fountain Erected in Lumley Square

The New Fountain
Workmen are busily engaged in erecting the fountain and lamp-post on the plot of ground near the railway station, and already the large cast-iron base is fixed.
The base, which is a splendid specimen of casting, has been cast by the Staveley Iron Company, is ten feet square and weighs upwards of two tons and a half, being so large that some difficulty was caused in finding a firm who waould undertake the cast.
Immediately on top of this will be fixed a cast-iron basin, eight feet in diameter, surrounded by two smaller ones in a stout ornamental cast column, which will support on the top five handsome bracket lamps.
The total height of the fountain and lamp-post will be about twenty feet, and is from designs of Mr J Amott, of Leeds, who is superintending the erection.
The plot of ground on which the fountain stands will be fenced with a handsome chain and post fence.

Fountain Lumley Square picture from Views of Skegness

The lamp opposite Hildred’s Hotel is to be raised two feet and fenced round in a similar manner to the fountain.

Picture of Hildred’s Hotel from Views of Skegness

Source: Boston Guardian 10 October 1879

The fountain was eventually moved to the Marine Gardens on Grand Parade, and later to the Fairy Dell, where it stands to this day.


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