Lincolnshire’s Largest Bible

The following story about Lincolnshire’s largest bible appeared in a 1937 issue of a Skegness newspaper. The burning questions is…does this bible still exist today? If YOU know where it is, we’d love to hear from you!

Lincolnshire’s Largest Bible

059-003WE HAVE all heard of record breaking holly-hocks and vegetable marrows of such incredible proportions that they had to be seen to be believed, but has anyone
thought of advancing a claim to possess Lincolnshire’s biggest Bible ?
Mr. A. Lusby, of Walesby, would be well in the running in such a competition as he has just bought one weighing over a hundredweight and a half, and which, so far as mere weight goes, is heavier than he is himself.
This outsize example of holy writ is in seven volumes, beautifully illustrated, and is bound in leather as befits so handsome a presentation of the scriptures.
Mr. Lusby acquired his ponderous tomes without premeditation and almost by accident. He was present at the sale of the effects of a large mansion which need not be mentioned, and the auctioneer, when he came to ‘he Bible. dilated on its beauty, and suggested it as a prize for a bibliophile. But the response, strange to say, was disappointing and there was silence until someone hesitatingly put forward a bid of half-a-crown. It hung like that for a minute or so and then Mr. Lusby, thinking it was impossible to go wrong at that price said, “Three and six.” The lot was knocked down to him and he got the Bible.
It was, however, easier to pay for his new possession than to get it home. In two journeys he carried it to the railway station half a mile away, and when he I finally got to Market Rasen, a good ‘hree miles away from his home, another prob- 1 lem presented itself. There was no 1 chance of a ‘bus he could not afford to
hire specially to take home a 3s. 6d Bible, and, equally certainly, he could not strap even a single precious volume. weighing a good couple of stones, to the carrier of his cycle.
Revolving the matter over in his mind, he decided at length to send a ‘phone message to a neighbour with. an old-fashioned dog cart, and in this way, jogging placidly along the road, the Bible made the last stage of its journey.
But even this was not all. Mrs. Lusby, it is whispered was not so enthusiastic regarding the new possession as was her husband, and while at first she acquiesced in his request that a place should be found for it in the front room, later she found that she had no room for a big thing like that even if it was unique. So the monster Bible. with its sumptuous binding. and its magnificent illustrations. has been packed away and placed in an outhouse.
Has anyone heard of a cathedral which is in want of a Bible of fair size at the present time?


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