New Conservative Club Opens in Skegness



Lord Willoughby of Enderby

Lord Willoughby of Enderby

The Conservative cause had a strong’ impetus to-day, when a handsome club for the Conservatives the town and district was opened by Lord Willoughby of Enderby member for the Horncastle Division.

Mr. Henry Chaplin and Mr George Doughty were unfortunately unable attend.

In declaring the club, which faces the Roman Bank, open, Lord Willoughby of Enderby declared the need for missionary work behalf of the party. They had a good club Boston, but at the last election its influence was nullified by the agency of one or two energetic Liberals.

His lordship was glad to see Mr. Garfit and regretted was longer in the House of Commons.

A luncheon took place the King’s Hall, where further speeches were delivered.

Source: Nottingham Evening Post – Saturday 05 May 1906

Note: ”faces the Roman Bank” not sure where this could be?


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