Local Girls on Skegness 1920s Postcards

These ’20s models were local girls
THE 1920 view of Skegness central beach we published last week turns out to have been a postcard view for which two local girls were asked to pose. The photographer’s wife chose them because of their pretty check dresses and he took a number of photos of the three of them for postcards. His wife was the woman standing on a dune, waving, on the left hand side. The girl standing next to her is now Mrs Dorothy Farrar, of Scarbrough Avenue, and the little girl seated with a parasol is now Mrs Eva Davey, who lives in Castleton Boulevard.

She brought us another of the postcards (below) for which they posed, this time in The Park, where Park Avenue is now. Eva still has the parasol and Dorothy is pushing a pram, presumably the same one seen on the right of the beach photo.

1983_SS_SG 034

Source: Skegness Standard (pullout) 8th July 1983


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