Brickyard Chimney Goes Crashing

THIS photo of the 90-foot tall chimney at Burgh Old Road, toppling to the ground, was taken by Skegness Standard photographer Eric Spencer, from a video film of the demolition made by Mr R. H. Thornalley, building and joinery contractor of Burgh Old Road.
According to Mr Joseph Chell, of Croft, who helped to build the chimney 20 years ago, it had 87,000 bricks in it. It was made necessary because every kiln had its own low chimney and residents complained about the smoke from them.
So Greetham’s the Skegness building contractors who owned the brickyard, built one tall chimney. Within a year, said Mr Chell, they sold the brickyard to C. F. Rawlinson Limited, and it began to be run down.
Building the chimney took nine months and he worked on it from start to finish.

1983_SS_SG 003-004
Another landmark bites the dust
ONE of Skegness’ familiar landmarks — the old Brickyard chimney — has disappeared from the landscape.
The 50-year-old, 90-feet high chimney was demolished on the last .day of 1982 to make way for a caravan site.
Workmen Mr Alan Veall, of Bratoft, and Mr Alan Phillipson, of Irby, who were hired by landowner Mr C. F. Rawlinson of Burgh-le-Marsh, took 212 days to prepare the chimney.
They drilled out the solid base, placed in timber wedges and then set fire to them. They estimated that the firing would take about an hour but in fact the chimney came down after only 15 minutes.
“There was no loud crash —it was surprising really that there was not much noise,” said Mr Veall.
He said that the chimney, which had two layers, one three feet and one 18 inches, was dangerous as it was badly cracked on the inside and outside.
The brickyard was in use up to about four years ago. Mr Rawlinson’s plan to turn the land into a holiday site has received strong objections from residents in Beacon Way.

Source: Skegness Standard 7th  and 14th January 1983


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