First Aid Bathing Van on the Sands

The public will be glad hear that Mr. T. E. Butcher, the superior officer of the Spilsby Sanitary Authority, in consideration of the age and humane character of Dr. Thimbleby, has condescended to recommend his authority not to enforce two summonses which required him, under pain of heavy fine and imprisonment, to remove his private bathing van from the sands, where it has been placed by permission of tbe Lord of the Manor for the last three years.

We cannot understand why the presence of such van can be detrimental to life and health. We are informed that the van contains all the modern appliances recommended by the Royal Humane Society for saving life, viz. : a life line, thirty yards long, with three floats; tubes for inflating the lungs, pump for withdrawing water from the stomach, two hair rugs for friction, and a powerful lamp for heating water in five minutes, together with the Royal Humane Society’s illustrated sheet of instructions for using the same. Also splints, bandages, and instruments to be used in cases of emergency.

Dr. Thimbleby had determined, sooner than the public should be deprived of the above appliances, to submit to the latter punishment. We are also informed that the resident policeman keeps the key, with instructions to use, or allow anyone else to the above appliances; and, if necessary, to avoid delay, to break the door. such humane conduct deserves merit rather than punishment, and will not some kindly disposed person comment upon the officiousness of the inspector?

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 21 January 1881


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