Skegness Bicycle Races at the Cricket Ground


The bicycle and athletic sports usually held on Whit-Monday the Skegness Cricket Ground, which is pleasantly situated near the railway station, took place on Monday afternoon. The weather was in every respect propitious for pleasure seekers, although in the early part of the day the sky was somewhat cloudy. There was a large attendance, though the events were not numerous ; but amongst the competitors there were representatives from most of the places from which fie special trains had run. The first event was a one mile bicycle handicap, which the entries were t large, and which was eventually won by L. Cooke, the Nottingham Bicycle Club, although he had encounter one or two formidable opponents. Next came 150 yards’ handicap, which turned out be one of the most interesting events on the programme. After exciting race, the first prize was gained by H. Jackson, of the Skegness Cricket Club. A considerable amount of interest was taken in the bicycle handicap for novices, and, contrary to expectation, some very good performances were shown, the winner being Elraitt, of Horncastle. In the 440 yards’ handicap, Jackson, the victor in the other foot race, was one the competitors, but he lacked staving power, and Chambers, of Lincoln, pulled off the race with the greatest possible < a-e. The last item on the programme was three mile bicycle handicap, which was also won by a Nottingham bicyclist. Mr. C. H. acted as starter; the judges were Mr. W. Hall Mr. A. W. and the timekeeper was Mr. A. Young. The arrangements were generally superintended by the hon. secretary, Mr. Hall, to whom great credit is due. (The article goes on to describe the various races and the winners.)

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 02 June 1882

The picture below depicts the cycle races on the Cricket Ground in Skegness:



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