Skegness Lifeboat Painting

Native Talent. —A very spirited painting by Mr. E. Gentle, a talented young artist of Spalding, was exhibited in Mr. Gilbert’s window on Tuesday. It is a faithful representation of the Skegness life boat, with Sam. Mood cockswain, and his gallant crew, going out the storm to assist the brig ” Harmony,” (“Hermoine”) which was wrecked off this coast in 1833. The crew consisted of ten men, all of whom were saved. The clever painting has been executed at the suggestion of our townsman, Mr. F. Millns, who purposes presenting it to Moody. We can fully anticipate the delight of the veteran on receiving so appropriate a tribute to his great and successful exertions the salvation of human life.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 12 November 1852

See also Rescue by Skegness’ First Lifeboat

The painting below is the one referred to in the article:



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