Gentleman’s Daughter Elopes

Elopement. — On Sunday evening, the daughter of a gentleman residing at East Keal eloped from a house at Skegness, at which she was remaining, and the partner of her flight is, it is believed, a young farmer residing also in the former village. The happy pair have since been seen in London, and their intention is stated to be, to spend the honeymoon on an Atlantic trip— at which distant bourne we wish them safe arrival, a fair breeze swelling their sails, and a bright sun gilding their hopes.—Lincolnshire Chronicle.

Source: Morning Post – Thursday 07 October 1847

Elopement—One of these events, so exciting to aged spinsters and interesting to the lovers of village gossip, occurred on Sunday the 26th ult at Skegness. The parties are the youngest daughter of the occupier of a Hall in the neighbourhood, and the nephew of farmer resident to the same village. They are said to have been married to London.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 08 October 1847

Note: I think The Hall mentioned must be the one on Roman Bank, Skegness (where Sutton Court is today), and the ‘gentleman’ therefore would be Grantham (the Grantham Family hailed from East Keal). Elopement in those days would have been quite shocking, indeed the story hit several of the British newspapers. It’s interesting, though, how the local newspaper appeared to ‘play it down’ – disparaging remarks re ‘aged spinsters’ and ‘gossips’. Also, they use the indefinite article –  A Hall instead of THE Hall – which doesn’t sound as committal. Wonder if they would have adopted the same attitude had it have been a lower-class family?

Picture: The Hall, Roman Bank, Skegness.



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