Big Fish Washed Ashore

A correspondent informs us, that” On Sunday evening, about six o’clock, an enormous fish was seen by many spectators who were standing on the sea bank at Skegness: from the manner in which it was tossed about by the waves, was evidently dead when first observed. Several attempts were made to secure it, but without effect, till some sailors came to the spot, who succeeded in slaying the monster of the deep, until the water subsided, when it was left dry on the shore between Mr. Enderby’s and Gibraltar Point. are incapable justly to describe its dimensions, but compute its length to be at least forty feet. It is highly deserving the attention of naturalists and others, as being a fish not exceeded in size by any other ever known to bave been cast on this shore, and presenting to their observation one of the most powerful constructed objects of creation.”— Boston Gaz.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 19 August 1825


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