The King v The Inhabitants of Skegness

So we ask ourselves….why would The King be Plaintiff and the Inhabitants of Skegness the Defendant at Lincolnshire Assizes 1812?


Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 13 March 1812

It appears that in 1812 Captain George W Manby proposed a Floating Light be installed in the Wash in order to help preserve life at sea, as lights from the Hotel (Vine) and bathing huts in Skegness were casing shipwrecks as crews were mistaking them for guide lights. It was proposed that the lights in Skegness be shuttered out in a bid to prevent this mistake.

The Inhabitants of Skegness, it seems, were remiss at complying with the instructions, which resulted in The King v The Inhabitants of Skegness court case at the Lincoln Assizes.



Source:  Parliamentary Papers House of Commons and Command

Thanks to Ben Peel for his help with this investigation thus far. I’m still looking for more information on this….


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