Sewage Works Officially Opened

Inspection of the Works
At half-past eleven o’clock the Chairman of the Council received the visitors, members and officials at the Council Chamber, and they were soon after conveyed in carriages to the new pumping station where one of the engineers (Mr Elliott) briefly described the machinery, after which A J Eggleston Esq. the Chairman of the Council started the pumps and declared the Skegness Sewage Works open, and expressed his sincere hope that they would prove a great benefit to the resident population and the visitors to Skegness for many years to come. (Great applause.)
The Company then proceeded to the purification works and farm and inspected the same.
A description of them was given by Mr Elliott.
They next proceeded to the ejector chamber, on the Vine Road, where the working of the plant was also explained.
Several of the company descended the chamber, including a parson and lawyer which was humorously alluded to in a speech at the subsequent luncheon.
This concluded the inspection of the works.
Source: Skegness Herald 27th July 1906

Old Pumping Station on Richmond Drive (photo by Paul Gooch)

SS_2001 037

Note: The article mentions and ejector chamber on Vine Road…it would be interesting to find out if any relics of this still exist.


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