Found Hanging near Klondyke Castle


Dr. Francis J. Walter, Coroner for the Spilaby District, held inquest at the Skegness Police Station respecting the death of Frederick Morley, 36, Skegness, who was found hanging from an elder tree on Bank Holiday.—Elisabeth Ann Morley identified the body that of her husband. Bhe last saw him on Monday morning about six o’clock when he was going out, and would soon be back. had not seemed right since recent thunderstorm. When did not come back she sent two boys to look for him, as had been man his word. He had always been abstemious till Thursday night, when home late, his face being and blue. had complained of his head since that night.— Richard Edward Woodliff, of Wainfieet, manager the Sea Hotel refreshment rooms, said noticed deceased on Sunday and also on Monday. Deceased sat the same corner each time and seemed very quiet, and did not, witness’ knowledge, have any liquor.—Harold visitor, said he was near Klondyke Castle on the North Sandhills Monday afternoon about 3 when saw the body of a man hanging from a tree. He went to Mr. Staples, of Klondyke Castle, for assistance, and lent him his knife cut the body down.—William Staples said the previous witness came to him saying, “Come at once, there’s something the matter.” They both ran to the place, and he cut the neckerchief which was round the deceased’s neck and let the body down. The deceased’s face was quite blue.—P.c. Retchleas said after receiving information he went to where the body was. The neckerchief had formed a deep groove in the neck. The deceased’s watch stopped at 2.50. —Dr. Wallace said he’d examined the body. Death was due to hanging.—The jury returned a verdict ” Suicide while of unsound mind.”—Mr. J. H. Canning, a juror, moved that a requisition be sent to the authority asking them to provide a mortuary.—The Coroner said he thought that important place like Skegness should have one, and he forward the resolution.

Source:  Nottingham Evening Post – Wednesday 08 August 1906


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