St Matthew’s Church Foundation Stone to be Laid

Skegness Church Bazaar

We gave our readers an account of this bazaar, which was held at Skegness, on the 30th and days of July, and the lst day of August. We now learn that the committee have recently settled the bazaar accounts, and that the result is highly satisfactory to all concerned. Tbe total amount realized is £1.380 ss. 10d.. and this sum does not include any subscriptions or promised subscriptions to the General Church Fund, for which a separate account is kept The total expenses amount only to £185 35., thus leaving, a balance, the handsome sum £1,195 2s. lOd. to be carried to the church account. The Right Hon. the Earl of Scarbrough has promised a site for the church, also £1,000 towards the cost of building, and other sums have been promised. A church building committee has been appointed, and it is hoped that the foundation stone of the proposed new church will be laid early next spring.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 27 September 1878



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