Church Home of Rest Ida Road


Church Home of Rest at Skegness.— Amongst the numerous homes that are now located at Skegness, none have been more appreciated those for whose benefit it was opened than the one known for some years as St. Albans, but in consequence of the removal from Nottingham of the sisters who managed it a change was necessary, and for the future this house will be known as the Nottingham Church House of Rest, Ida-road, Skegness. Mr. H. Gee remains honorary treasurer, and all applications must be made to the Rev. F, E. Nugee, Sneinton Vicarage. The home now counts among its patrons the Countess Mauvers, Lady Laura Kidding, Archdeacon Richardson, and other clergy. The home opens for the season on Whit Monday.

Source: Lincolnshire EchoSaturday 05 May 1894

Below: the home pictured in 1905…

book_photographs 085


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