Spikin’s Museum Contents Disposed Of

This old advert tells us the type of things that were in Thomas Spikin’s Museum on High Street. Also, as he was disposing of all effects, is this indication that it closed down in 1993?
I’m understanding the museum was where Nicola’s Nursery World is on High Street today!

Source: Source: Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 02 September 1893

More about Ralph Smith’s Gibbet:


Ralph’s Lane, Frampton

This lane was named after Ralph Smith, of Wyberton, who was executed on May 16, 1792, at Lincoln Castle for the murder of Gentle Sutton, of Frampton. His body was brought back by cart and hung in chains on the gibbet post with crowds gathering to see it. A commemorative plaque on the roadside in Ralph’s Lane marks the site of the gibbet. Ralph Smith was the last person in the Boston area to be hung in chains, this practice being abolished 43 years later. He had returned four months previously from having been transported, presumably from Australia, and was therefore already labelled a hardened criminal. According to the records Gentle Sutton was 70 years old and was murdered in his cottage, which was in what is now Banisters Lane, off Ralph’s Lane. Smith stole “a claret-coloured coat and waistcoat, two pairs of white buckskin breeches, a scarlet waistcoat, one new bottle-green coat, a striped velvet waistcoat and five silver teaspoons”. A young boy reported having seen Smith at the cottage and was able to give a good description of him. Smith was arrested in Fiskerton, near Lincoln, when he tried to sell the clothing. The gibbet post was made from an old oak tree. This was later cut up by local people and the wood used, among other things, to make a tobacco bowl which is now in the Guildhall Museum collection. A section of the post was used as a gatepost by a farmer in Spotfield Lane, off Ralph’s Lane.

Source: Boston Burgh Council website


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