Lifeboat Launch Recalled

Anything and everything in connection with the local lifeboat service invariably commands the interest of Skegness people and visitors to the resort, and our reproduction of a picture taken nearly 40 years ago will doubtless revive many memories among the older class of residents as well as proving of general interest.


The photograph of the lifeboat was taken when the vessel was be-flagged and trimmed for a street procession organised on the occasion of the Royal wedding on July 6th, 1893 —39 years ago this month. The boat was drawn up outside the Lumley Square entrances to the Lumley Hotel.


We are indebted to Mr. J. Wilkinson, Dow of The Haven, Ingoldmells, for the loan of the photograph and the foregoing particulars. Mr. Wilkinson, who was associated with the lifeboat as a horseman…

20140827_111045CREW OF SLOOP SAVED.
But still so great was the difficulty experienced in launching the boat that at one time it was seriously contemplated exchanging her for another vessel. However, she proved so seaworthy a craft on the occasion of the wreck of the “Watson”—a sloop which sunk on Easter Tuesday, April 9th, 1890—that it was decided to retain the “Ann, John and Mary” at Skegness, provided a suitable device for launching could be secured.
It was quite clear that something had to be done in the latter respect, -as at the launch to go to the assistance of the “Watson” it was only after six hours’ strenuous effort that the boat could be launched on the water. She was eventually a launched at midnight and saved the crew of the sloop only a short time before the vessel went down.

There was a. humorous incident in connection with this particular launch, the wife of the captain of the sloop definitely refusing to quit the ship until her bed and chair, and cooking utensils had been safely transferred to the lifeboat. When she saw the ship go down, she remarked to her husband: “Eh, Billy, we’ve no home now. Where shall we sleep to-night?” Her fears were quickly set at rest when the lifeboat arrived back, As .half the householders in. the town would have felt honoured in providing a temporary home for…




Source: Skegness Standard 20th July 1932



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