Royal Paper Sealed in Burgh Pub Wall

QUEEN Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee was commemorated with the publication of a special eight-page Daily Mail — and where better to see it than the village put The Swan at Burgh.
Landlord Bob Gilbert has planned to seal the gold-printed paper in the wide wails at The Swan along with two copies of The Standard and a letter written in 1900 by the then proprietor Mr W. Wholey.
If the items were ever found again it would be a nostalgic look back for the finders, said Mr Gilbert.
tie acquired the old newspaper, dated June 23, 1897, from Mrs Frith of Burgh.
It contains feature-type material about the Queen and the Empire, but there are also several adverts resembling the style of the Classified section of The Standard. In 1897 you could buy a pair of hand sewn boots for ten shillings and sixpence (52 1/2p).

Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, her majesty’s printers and published by John Hood Lingard at the Daily Mail buildings, 32 Carmolite Street, Temple, London, the paper cost 6d, a large amount fora newspaper in those days.
Mr Gilbert does not know what kind of paper the gold print is on, but he knows it must be high quality newsprint.
Looking to the back of the 1897 copy it was revealed what Royalty ate at dinner on the previous evening.
The letter written by Mr Wholey In 1900 was found in the inn wall giving Mr Gilbert the idea for the sealing of the 83-year-old paper. It gives family details of the previous landlords and mentions that there were five “pubbies” in Burgh at the time: The Bell, The Fleece, The White Hart, The Swan and The Red Lion. Ali five still exist.

1980_SS_1 011-002

Source: Skegness Standard 1980


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