Wooden Serviette Ring Salvaged from Wreck

1989_SN 010-001Mrs Joyce Haley of Skegness, who was Miss Culley before her marriage, lived in Chapel St Leopards for many years and has joined our happy band of villagers who have something to recall of the `old’ days.
Joyce is photographed with a serviette ring `acquired’ from a Dutch vessel which was driven ashore near Chapel Point in April 1937. Joyce scratched the date in at the time and tells us that her boyfriend managed to salvage the little wooden ring from the wreck.
At the time, her friend was working at a place called “Many Windows” which stood on the sandhills at Chapel Six — it was, in fact, a converted railway carriage which later fell into the sea, fortunately without loss of life.
The vessel, called the “Gazeka” was held under heavy guard and all its cargo had been removed by the crew before morning and the vessel was later broken up, also by the crew.
One of our earlier ‘contacts’ suggested to us that this boat was ‘gun-running’ to the Spanish Civil War.

Source: Skegness News 1989


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