Queen’s Chocolate Box at Skegness

One of the Queen’s Chocolate Boxes at Skegness

Private Joe Spenser of the Princess of Wales Own Hussars, now serving with Her Majesty’s forces in South Africa, and son of the late Mrs Spensed of Alexander Road, has been one of the recipicants of the Queen’s Chocolate Boxes.
We need hardly say that this box is highly prized by him, and after taking one stick of the chocolate he sent the box home to his sister, Mrs Peacock of Croft, to take charge of it for him.
On the cover is a portrait of Queen Victoria in the centre and on one side the monogram ”V R” and on the other side ”South Africa”. Underneath in handwriting are the words ”I wish you a happy new year. Victoria Rex”.

queens chocolate box

The box is now on view for a few days in the window of Mr William Plaskit Moody of Lumley Road, Skegness, and may be seen by any one.
It will no doubt be a great attraction to our local public and all interested in our army now serving in South Africa.
Source: Skegness Herald 1900

Note: The Queen’s Chocolate Boxes were sent out to serving troops to mark the turn of the centuary. Visit this website for more information about the Queen’s Chocolate Box


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