Skegness Lumley School Photo

Skegness Senior Council School opened on Pelham Road, Skegness, in 1932, replacing the National School on Roman Bank.
It later became the Lumley Secondary Modern School, but was replaced in 1986 by the Earl of Scarbrough High School (Burgh Road).
The building was finally demolished in 1993, and the present-day Skegness Junior School built on the same site.


Former Lumley School pupil, Robert Curtis, tell us that the clock in the picture below was put up later., Robert says the clock has been saved and now hangs in the present-day Skegness  junior school – minus its hands! ”Go in the front door, turn right down passage its hung there”.

football team Lumley School


5 thoughts on “Skegness Lumley School Photo

  1. About the lumley school, I remember meeting schoolteacher Mrs Mcdonald years ago.
    Her daugther Heather Mcdonald show me her Mother at lumley school in Skegness.
    My name was Susan Bennison yrs ago, The Mcdonald family will remember me.

  2. Heather Mcdonald Mother talk to me, about lifetime experiences, she told me she was a one parent family, she has 3 daugthers, which she bring them up on her own, years ago.

  3. Oh my god, that’s me holding the cup we won in 1961. We didn’t have a PE teacher that year. Mr Barron (on the left) our maths teacher and Mr Davis 4B form teacher ran the football teams. Mr barron at one time played professional football for Blackburn Rovers. Stan Murray was headmaster.He was fanatical nobody walk on the lawn or lown as he would say. Quite handy with the cane too. I was in form 4B with Stuart Thompson and Jigger Johnson. Why Jigger I never did find out. We were all in love with Wendy ?? and Barbara ?? Friday night was Crane’s Dance School on high street dancing to pop records then catch the last bus home at 10.15pm.

  4. That’s my Uncle Roy Hallam in the back row, second from the right! The Hallam boys still love their football, through the generations.

  5. wow i remember mr baron but when i went to the lumley school the PE teacher was Mr Mott and wilson was the head teacher and my form was Viking we had mr breaten not sure about spelling and our art teacher was mr walsh so i had would have been there in 1966/1969 enjoyed living in skegness but moved to spain then back to the UK now living in suffolk Village

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