Skegness Lifeboat Man Joseph Grunnill

The death of the old Skegness lifeboatman, Joseph Grunnill, at the age of 74 years, occured in March 1921. His obituary in the local newspaper descibes him as being born in Winthorpe on March 15th 1847, and had practically lived in Winthorpe and Skegness all his life. For 42 years he was a member of the Skegness Lifeboat crew, and a few years previously he had been presented with a marble clock, and elarged photograph of himself and £5. The photograph is diplayed in the Skegness Lifeboat Station to this day! Please read the enclosed newspaper cuttings for more about his life and details of his funeral. Joseph Grunnill was laid to rest in St Clement’s Church, Skegness.


Skegness lifeboatman Joseph Grunnill

1921_SMA 016 (1) 1921_SMA 017 (1) Source: Skegness Mablethorpe and Alford News 23rd March 1921

Grunnill Joseph

Joseph Grunnill’s headstone in St Clement’s Church Skegness


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