Oystershell Lane (Briar Way)

Coun. Rawding. said that a great many residents in the town were anxious that that portion of Briar Way leading northwards from High Street should be made up at an early date. Could not the road be made up at once?
Coun. Hudson: Is it not a fact that it is linked up with the purchase of the corner property by the Lindsey County Council?
The Surveyor said that the road could not be made up until the adjoining frontager, Lord Scarbrough, had set out the building line. He suggested that the Council make suggested
representation to Lord Scarbrough to urge him to take that step.
Coun.. Rawding, moving the adoption of the recommendation, said that the road in its present bad state was a source of great inconvenience to many people living in that neighbourhood.
Coun. Hudson said the making-up would cost him some money, but he would gladly pay ‘his share to-morrow if the work could be put in hand at once.
The proposal was approved.

The photograph shows Oystershell Lane before it was made up:

oystershell lane briar way

Source: Skegness News 1933


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