Time Capsule Hidden on Skegness Pier

Skegness.—The Pier.

The screwing of the piles for this structure being vigorously proceeded with, for at the present some half-a-dozen piles the end near the parade are firmly screwed in their respective positions.

The pile of the Promenade pier was screwed in the presence of Mr. Hobson Dunkley and Mr. C. Hildred, directors; Mr. W.Hall, as representing H.V. Tippet, Esq., agent to the Earl of Scarbrough; and Mr. E. A. Jackson, the representative of Messrs. Tweed, Stephen, and Dashper, the solicitors and secretaries to the company.

These preliminary proceedings took place on Saturday the ult., under the superintendence of Mr. Clarke, of the firm of Messrs. Clarke and Pickwell, engineers and surveyors, Hull.

The contractors, Messrs. Head, Wrightson, and Co of Stockton-on-Tees, were represented by Messrs. Clark and Routledee.

A bottle containing a parchment, on which appeared the names those taking part in ceremony, together with the several current coins of the realm, was placed in the column of the first pile and cemented over.

The length of the pier will be 2,000 feet, or somewhat more than 600 yards, and will be carried out beyond low water mark, that the pleasure-boats and steamboats can any time approach the landing stage. When completed it will be a great acquisition to Skegness, and an attraction to the large number of visitors during the coming season, as the works have to completed by the first day of June next. As according to the reports of the G N. R. company above 200,000 persons were conveyed by rail to this favourite and rapidly increasing watering-place during the last season, it anticipated that the new pier will well patronized.


Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 02 January 1880


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