Sea View Hotel Opens 1862 Picture

This advertising postcard was owned by veteran Wainfleet builder, Mr J S Turner, who worked on the present-day Sea View Pub.
The drawing shows a three-storied house with six chimneys, and the beach opening out from its front door.
The card announces (under H Dunkley, builder Wainfleet ‘prop’) that the house has a good view of the German Ocean.
On the reverse was the information that rooms are let during the season for not less that a fort-night, with good stabling and coach house thrown in; not to mention ”experienced cook kept on the premises”.
Terms ranged from £2 5s per week for large sitting room with one double bad and one single bedroom, to £1 15s per week for a small sitting room with two bedrooms on the ground floor.
Visiting parties could be supplied with extra bedrooms as required.

1960_1961_SS 048

Advert for Sea View Villas in the Stamford Mercury 25th May 1866:


Advert for Sea View Hotel in the Stamford Mercury 21st May 1875, after extensions were added to the original building:


This photograph was taken in 1877 and shows the extensions:


Also taken in 1877, these are photographs of a selection of visiting parties (some American):

The original Sea View Mansions building still stands today, including the grand doorway:

seaview_mansions (1) seaview_mansions

More about the Dunkley Family and their Staff compiled by Stephen Briggs of The Village (formerly Church Farm Museum)


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