Skegness Accommodation To Let 1794

A SEA RESIDENCE furnished, not wanted this Season

Will be LET,

At SKEGNESS, LINCOLNSHIRE. THE house convenient the Situation (with extensive View of the German Ocean delightful, Stables, a double Coach-House, a Salt Marsh for Horses and every Accommodation.

The Sea Bathing for Convenience and Safety not to excelled, and a Bathing-Machine upon the Spot. Letters (Port paid) to A. B. the Port- Office, Spilfby, Line In/hire, will duly A .R. It’ required, the a good Milch Cow, a complete Net, with a mod convenient Carriage for Sea fishing, and the ripe Fruit and Vegetables a high cultivated Garden within a few Miles,


Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 13 June 1794

Note: The advert doesn’t tell us where the house is, but I’m wondering if it might be the Moat House (Skegness House) which was situated on Drummond Road…


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