Proposed Improvement of Skegness

Acting under instructions from Lord Scarborough, Mr. H. V. Tippet, of Sand beck Park, near Rotherham, has prepared and issued a lithographed plan in colours of the proposed development of Skegness.

The area covered by this plan is grass land bounded on the south by the road leading from the railway station to the beach, on the north a street to be formed in n direct line from the end tbe road from Burgh to the sea-bank, on the west by the road leading to Ingoldmells, and on the east by the sea.

In the centre the space is proposed to a church encircled by a street planted on each side with trees. from this circle wide streets extend east, west, north and south, each of which, like the circle, are to be planted with avenue of trees, and from these main thoroughfares stretch smaller streets with gardens in front of the houses.

At the sea end of the main street which lead from the church to the beach is proposed to erect large hotel, and on the south of this portion of land is sot apart for a Pleasure ground with pavilion, maze, and conservatory hereon.

The plan also embraces the levelling of the sandbank and putting down wall on the sea-side of it.

This wall is already in course of construction, and one of the new streets shown on plan has been formed and planted with trees. It extends from tbe railway station to the beach in line parallel with that which leads from station to Hildred’s Hotel.

This street is named Lumley-road, and on south side of near the sea terrace of six houses, named Lumley-terrace, are in course of erection and nearly completed. Several new houses have been finished since last year, and others, in addition to those composing the terrace just spoken of, are in progress. whole face of the place is changed, and if the plan of Mr. Tippet be faithfully carried out it will ultimately be far and away the most beautiful resort on the Lincolnshire coast. is intended to form limited liability company for laying out the pleasure grounds spoken of above, prospectuaes of the scheme being already in circulation.

The shares are 3l each.

In this transformation of tbe place, tbe improvement of its sanitary condition not lost sight of.

A scheme has been prepared by Mr. D. Balfour, C.E, for tbe effectual disposal of tbe sewage taking it considerable distance inland and tbere utilising it. This scheme has received the careful and favourable consideration of the landowners, occupiers, and ratepayers concerned, and there appears to be a prospect of its being carried out This plan will obviate the annoyance and inconvenience which exist Eastbourne, Bastings, Biighton, and aome other watering places, wheie tbe sewage is taken Into the sea only to be brought back by every return of the tide.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 01 June 1877


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