Skegness in the Lincolnshire Directory 1892

SKEGNESS is a pleasant town and rising watering-place on the sea coast, 5 miles N.E. of Wainfleet and 12 miles E. by S. of Spilsby. Its parish is in the Parts of Lindsey, Spilsby union, county court district, and petty sessional division, Candleshoe wapentake, and Candleshoe (No. 1) rural deanery of Lincoln archdeaconry. It has an area of 1645 acres of land, extending from Cow Bank, and including a narrow strip of land on the east side of the Roman bank, and extending to Ingoldmells, and about 2 miles from the village.

The population was 134 in 1801, 349 in 1871, 1338 in 1881, and 1488 in 1891. The rateable value is o9488. The railway station is just outside the parish. The progress of Skegness since the opening of the railway in July, 1873, has been very rapid; hotels and all the concomitants of watering-places have sprung into being, including a Switchback Railway near the Pier.

The Earl of Scarborough has constructed a magnificent parade and erected a fine Estate office, and the town is well-lighted and drained.

One of the great attractions of Skegness is its clean and hard sands, which extend nearly 10 miles north and south. In fine, calm weather that optical illusion called the mirage is sometimes seen here to perfection. On such occasions the ocean wears the appearance of a Skegness sheet of glass-not a ripple is to be seen on its surface, and the horizon appears to be bounded by a high, dark wall, upon which is seen, loomed up as in the very clouds, and magnified to a high degree, the vessels, birds, and every other object upon the water. This phenomenon is designated a ‘sod bank’ by the fisherman, and is considered a portent of strong easterly winds.

On the night of August 30, 1833, this coast was visited by a violent storm, in which several vessels and many lives were lost. Ten lives were saved by the life-boat here, and between fifteen and twenty bodies washed on shore in this neighbourhood.

Leland says Skegness had once a ‘great haven towne,’ with a castle and surrounding wall, but it was ‘ clene consumed and eten up with the se.’ Skegness is mentioned in a charter granted by Richard I. in 1199 to Revesby Abbey, confirming the possession of the village, In the reign of Henry III. Walter de Morescole held this village as parcel of the honour of Pumfroy, in right of his wife Alice.

The ownership of the manor is a disputed point between the Earl of Scarborough and C. Massingberd-Mundy, Esq.–both claim it. They and Col. Birch Reynardson are the chief owners of the soil.

The SCARBOROUGH ESTATE OFFICES form a handsome building, erected in 1879, at a cost of £3000, fronting Algitha Road and Roman Bank, and consisting of several suites of offices, a board room, in which most of the town’s business is transacted, and the residence of Mr. H. V. Tippett, the Earl’s agent.

A Local BOARD was formed in 1885, of which Mr. G. J. Dashper is clerk, Mr. E. A. Jackson deputy clerk, and Mr. J. S. Crawshaw, surveyor, inspector of nuisances and rate collector.

A POLICE STATION, with house for inspector and three cells, has been erected on the Roman Bank, at a cost of about £2000.

The DRAINAGE WORKS, completed in 1879, were carried out under the direction of D. Balfour, Esq., C.E., at a cost of £6600, of which £1600 was defrayed by the Sanitary Authority and £5000 by Earl Scarborough. The sewage is pumped to a farm, 10 acres in extent, over a mile from the town, where it is disposed of by intermittent downward filtration. The WATERWORKS, On the Burgh Road, belong to the Earl of Scarborough. A massive tower, 60 feet high, has been erected, on the top of which is a storage bank, capable of holding 20,000 gallons ; the water, which is supplied from an artesian well, is of the purest quality. Mr. John Treleis Phillips is the manager.

GAS WORKS were erected in 1877 by a company. at a cost of £3500, and gas is supplied at 5s. 5d. per 1000 feet. There are about 80 public lamps. Messrs. Tweed, Stephen and Dashper are secretaries.

The HOTELS are the LUMLEY HOTEL, near the station, a handsome brick building erected in 1880 ; the SEA VIEW HOTEL, erected in 1862 and enlarged in 1874 ; HILDRED’S HOTEL, which has been erected more than 60 years, and was enlarged in 1874 ; the PIER HOTEL, the LION HOTEL, the SHIP HOTEL, and the VINE HOTEL.

The LIFEBOAT STATION is on Drummond Road. A new lifeboat, with all the latest improvements, was presented to this station in 1889 by the National Lifeboat Institution.

The COASTGURAD STATION, at the north end of the town, contains an armoury and a life-saving apparatus. Arthur Woollett is the chief officer.

About half a mile further north is an ARTILLERY BATTERY with two guns, where the Boston Artillery Corps occasionally practice.

The STEAMBOAT COMPANY, formed in 1884, run trips during the season to Hunstanton and the Norfolk coast.

The GRAND PARADE, One Mile in length, is a fine promenade, constructed on the sea-wall by the Earl of Scarborough at a cost of £2000. It was opened in 1879, and has a broad foot-path abundantly supplied with seats and light. In front of the wall part of the sea shore is laid out as MARINE GARDENS.

The PIER, erected in 1880-81 by a company at a cost of upwards of £22,000, is constructed of iron, and is 1863 feet long and 20 feet wide, the end being 200 On the head is a large saloon feet long and 60 feet wide, with a landing stage for steamers, boats, &c. capable of holding 600 persons.

The NEW CHURCH (St. Matthew), erected in the centre of the town, was opened in September, 1880. It consists of nave, chancel, north and south aisles, south porch, vestry on the north side and basement of tower. It is proposed to complete it by adding the remainder of tower, crowned by a spire rising to a height of 130 feet. The present outlay has been about £7000. The site was given by the late Earl of Scarborough, who also gave ?3000 towards the building fund. The OLD CHURCH (St. Clement’s), standing in the fields about half a mile to the west of the town, is a plain Gothic structure, consisting of nave, chancel and a low tower, which originally had three bells, only one of which remains, and bears the following inscription in old English 😕 ‘Dulcis Sisto Melis Vocor Campans Michaelis.’ The church originally had pews and a gallery, but these have been removed and the church partially restored at the expense of the rector. The churchyard is still used as a place of sepulture, the church being used as a cemetery chapel, only occasional services being held here. It is supposed to be 500 years old, and the font appears to be more ancient still. There are some very old and curious monuments. The late Bishop Steere, who died in Central Africa, was formerly curate of this church, and a stained glass window has been placed in one of the north windows to his memory. The register dates from 1722. The living is valued in K.B. at £15 6s. 8d., and now at £240 gross, £220 net, in the patronage of the Earl of Scarborough, and incumbency of the Rev. C. P. Disbrowe, M.A. There is no rectory house. The tithes are commuted for £180 per annum. The glebe is 16A. 1R. 3p.

The WESLEYAN CHAPEL in Algitha, Road is in the early Gothic style, built in 1882 at a cost of £1800. Earl Scarborough gave the site, the cost being partly met: by the proceeds of the sale of the old chapel.

The PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL, On the Roman Bank, was erected in 1884, at a cost of about ?250, the site being given by Mr C. Houghton. Previously services were held in a brick building, built in 1835, about two miles from the town.

ST. PETER’S CHURCH (Reformed Episcopal) is an iron structure in the High Street.

The NATIONAL SCHOOLS on the Roman Bank were erected in 1880 at a cost of £1500, and provide accommodation for 200 children. The late Earl Scarborough gave the site and £500 towards the building fund, the balance being raised by public subscription and the proceeds of the sale of some old pariah property.

A PUBLIC READING ROOM is situated on Lumley Road, in connection with which is a GENTLEMAN’S SOCIAL and LITERARY CLUE.

The WHALE MUSEUM in HIGH Street, was opened in 1880 as an exhibition of curiosities; it is also used as a room for entertainments, 7c., and will seat 150 people. Mr Thomas Spikin is proprietor.

The PLEASURE GARDENS in Lumley Road, about six acres in extent, belong to the Earl of Scarborough. The grounds are beautifully laid out in ornamental flower beds, &c., and at one end is an extensive pavilion consisting of a concert room, large dancing room, and refreshment rooms, capable of accommodating upwards of 1000 persons.

The CRICKET GROUND, of about nine acres, was drained and re-turfed in 1880, and contains a bicycle track 634 yards in length. A commodious pavilion has been erected, containing dining and retiring rooms, grand stand accommodating 1000 persons, refreshment buffet, and every other modern convenience for the accommodation of cricketers and others. The cost was about £2276.

The CAMP AND RECREATION GROUNDS, of about 30 acres in extent, adjoin the cricket ground, and are reserved for the encampment and drill ground of the Volunteer regiments during the summer.

The BATHs, situate on Scarborough Avenue, were erected by a Company at a cost of about £4000, and provide accommodation for Turkish, swimming, and private baths.

A weekly NEWSPAPER called the Skegness Herald, is published here every Thursday by Mr. John Avery.

The TOWN IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, established in 1889, has been the means of effecting some useful work in the town. The HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, established in 1888, holds annual shows in the autumn.

There are two FRIENDLY SOCIETIES here, the Oddfellows, who meet at the Lion Hotel, and an Order of Druids, who meet at the Ship Hotel. There is also a Lodge of FREEMASONS, the Lumley, No. 1893.

There are three CONVALESCENT HOMES, one established by Colonel Seely, of Nottingham, one by Lady Scarborough, and one under the auspices of the Nottingham Sunday School Union.

POST R. S.O., MONEY ORDER and TELEGRAPH OFFICE at Mr. Nestor Howell’s, where letters arrive at 5.45 a.m., and 1.45 p.m., and are despatched at 2.50 and 7.25 p.m., week days only.

Allen Misses C. E. & S. apartments, North parade Burden George, apartments, North parade Almonds Mrs Ellen, shopkeeper and apartments, High Burgess Mrs Charlotte, apartments, Wainfleet road street Burgess Harvey, apartments, Roman bank Archer John, bootmaker, Lumley road Burley Frederick, apartments, Cross street Ashton Mrs Ann, apartments, Wainfleet road Burn John Stoker, farmer, Wainfleet road AtkinJohn, apartments, Drummond road Burn Miss Susannah, apartments, Lnmley road Atkinson Elijah, apartments, Lumley road Burnett Aaron, refreshment rooms, Lumley road Avery John, newspaper proprietor, Wainfleet road Cartwright Fred. vict. Pavilion Hotel Pleasure Gardens Babbington Miss Elizabeth, manageress, Lumley Hotel Cater John, cowkeeper, Wainfleet Old road Bailey John Streets, chemist and druggist, Lumley rd Chambers John, apartments, Pier terrace Baker William, apartments, Lumley road Chambers.Toseph, apartments, Lumley road Bamber Mrs Mary Jane, plumber, Lumley road Chapman Mrs Hannah, apartments, North sea-hills Barlow Charles Alfred, provision dealer, Lumley road Chapman Mrs Mary Ann, apartments, South parade Barlow James, family grocer, tea dealer and Chester Mrs Mary Ann, apartments, Albert terrace wine and spirit merchant, Lumly road Clarke Miss Annie, matron, Convalescent Home, Barrans Miss Ruth, apartments, Prince Albert avenne See-hills ? Barrett Thomas Lawrence, draper, outfitter, dealer in Clarke Henry, fishmonger, High street paperhangings, grocer and wine end spirit merchant, Clarke Samuel, farmer and vict. Vine Hotel Lumley road; and Peterborouqh Cooling Mrs Elizabeth, fancy repository, Lumley road Barton George, tailor Connell James, tailor and outfitter, Lumley road Bashforth Seth, apartments, South parade Coxon Reader Thomas, apartments, South parade Baths (sea water, private, swimming and Crawshaw Joseph, builder and contractor, Wainfleet rd Turkish), Scarborough avenue Creasey John, apartments, Alexandra, road Baumber John, apartments, Drummond road Crofts George James, draper and fancy repository, Bell George, sewing machine agent, Lumley road Lumley road Bellamy William, accountant, house, land & insurance Culpin Mrs, apartments, Vulcan terrace agent, and bank agent, Lumley road Culpin Richard Markham, shopkeeper and apartments, Bernard Charles John, M.R.C.S.I., L.M. surgeon and Roman bank medical officer of health, Lumley road Cumming Mrs, apartments, Rutland road Berridge Mrs Emily Janetta, North sea-hills Dashper Gilbert John, solicitor (Tweed, Stephen & D. ), Blackbourn William, market gardener and greengrocer, and clerk to Local Board ; h Lincoln Lumley road Daykin Isaac, apartments, Drummond road Bloodworth Mrs Annie, apartments, Vine hills Dennis John, apartments, Wainfleet road Blythe Mrs Ann, apartments, Lumley road Dicks Miss Emma, apartments, Pier terrace Bonnett Richard Phillips, baker and confectioner, Disbrowe Rev C. P., M.A. rector, Wainfleet road Lumley road Duke Miss Betsy, apartments, South parade Bonser Herbert, apartments, North parade Dunkley George, builder, contractor, auctioneer, Borman George, apartments, High street valuer, house agent and farmer, Church farm Borman John, coal merchant, Wainfleet road Dunkley Miss Sarah Ann, manageress, Sea View Hotel Borman John Thomas, refreshment rooms, High street Dunn John Lightfoot. apartments, near Old Church Borman Thomas, apartments, Lumley road Dutton Mr George Henry John, Lumley road Bourne Mrs Mary Ann, apartments, Lumley road Edwards John, painter and paperhanger, Lumley road Brearey Mrs Isabella, Lumley road Edwards Mrs Mary Emily, apartments, Rutland road Brearey Mr Thomas, Lumley road Eley Mrs Annie, apartments, Edinburgh avenue Brewster Henry, apartments, Drummond road Ellam Mrs Clara, Algitha road Brown Frederick John, apartments, Albert terrace Elliott Miss Annie, apartments, Drnmmond road Brown George, apartments, Wainfleet road Ellis Henry Joseph, apartments, Lumley road Brown John, apartments, Rutland terrace Ellis William, lace gasser, The Box, Syne hills; and Brown William, grocer and beer retailer, Wainfleet rd Nottingham Bull Joseph, livery stable proprietor and cartage Elphee Mrs Lonisa, apartments, Lumley terrace agent for G. N. R. Co, Lumley cottage Enderby Harry, vict. Ship Hotel, Roman bank 762 Skegness. Enderby, Milson & Co. victs. Railway Refreshment Lilley Walter, plumber, Roman bank room Long Mrs Emily, apartments, Wainfleet road Enderby William Enoch, beerhouse, Lumley road Longthorne Henry, apartments, Wainfleet road Ensor Arthur Rainford, refreshment rooms, Lumley rd Lumley Hotel Company, Ld.; Miss Elizabeth Babbington, Farbon John Webster, butcher, Lumley road and manageress Roman bank Mackinder Robert, auctioneer, valuer, house and estate Farmer Charles, chimney sweeper, Station villa agent, 42 Lumley road; and Spilsby Fletcher Mrs Ann, apartments, Gommersall terrace Marshall Edwin, farmer, Wainfleet road Forster John Naylor, manager, Gas Works, Alexandra Marshall Henry, inspector, Police Station, Roman road bank Freshney Edward, tailor and outfitter, Lumley road Marshall William Holmes, watchmaker and jeweller, Frith Harry, apartments, Lumley road Lumley road and Wainfleet All Saints’ Garner Mrs Catherine, ladies’ school, Wainfleet road Major John William, apartments, Lumley road Garner Robert, refreshment rooms, Lumley road Middleton John Edward, hairdresser and tobacconist, Gas Works, Alexandra road; J. N. Forster, manager Lumley road Girling William, apartments, Wainfleet road Midworth Alfred (M. & Son); h Lumley road Grantham Charles Frederick, farmer, The Hall Midworth & Son, wholesale tobacconists and stationers, Green Mrs Elizabeth, apartments, Roman bank Lumley road Green Mrs Jane, apartments, High street Midworth Samuel John (M. & Son); h Lumley road Green John, apartments, North end, Roman bank Moody Mrs Hannah, apartments, High street Green John, confectioner, Lumley road Moody Frederick John, bricklayer, High street Green John (G. & Son); h Lumley road Moody Joseph, fisherman, Alexandra road Green & Son, bootmakers, Lumley road Moody William Plaskitt, grocer, wine, spirit and beer Green Thomas, carpenter and apartments, Roman bank merchant, and insurance agent, Lumley road Green William, apartments, Roman bank Moore Robert, carpenter, Lumley road Green William (G. & Son); h Lumley road Morley George, chemist, stationer, newsagent and Greenwood Thomas, refreshment rooms, High street fancy repository, High street and Lumley road Hall George, baker, confectioner and apartments, Morley Mrs Susannah, boarding house, South parade Lumley road; and farmer, Winthorpe Neal Miss Betsy, baker, Lumley road Hall John, monumental mason, Lumley road Newton John, bricklayer and lodgings, Wainfleet rd Hall Mrs Mary, apartments, Lumley road Nottingham Sunday School Union Convalescent Home, Haller Frederick William, chemist, Lumley road; and Rutland road Boston Nottinghamshire Convalescent Home, Sea-hills, Roman Handsley Mr Enderby, Lumley road bank; Miss Annie Clarke, matron Handsley Jonas, apartments, Roman bank Oliver Mrs Betsy, refreshment rooms, High street Harrison Richard Henry, apartments, Alexandra road Oliver Mrs Frances, apartments, South parade Heaton Charles, plumber and glazier, Lumley road Oram Mrs Mary, fruiterer, fishmonger and poultry Hepworth Mrs Dinah, temperance hotel, High street dealer, Lumley road and High street; and Nottingham Hildred Charles, insurance and general agent and apartments, Rutland road Pape Mrs Sarah, apartments, Roman bank Hiley Wm. Pillsworth, poor rate collector, insurance Parker Joseph, cowkeeper and apartments, Roman agent and apartments, South parade bank Horry Herbert, coal merchant, Wainfleet road Parker Miss Sarah Ann, dressmaker, Lumley road Houghton Charles, apartments, Roman bank Parkin Charles William, apartments, Lumley road Houghton Mrs Mary, Burgh road Parr Mrs Annie, matron, Convalescent Home, Sea Howard David, farmer Warth lane view Howard Harrison, apartments and refreshment Pawson Charles Richard, vict. Pier Hotel rooms, Lumley road Peacock Miss Ellen, apartments, Edinburgh avenue Howard Mr William, Sea-hills Phillips John T.
Waterwork’s manager, Burgh road Howell Nestor, stationer, newsagent, glass, china and Pier Company Ld. Estate offices; Tweed, Stephen & fancy dealer, stamp distributor and postmaster, Dashper, solicitors and secretaries Lumley road and High street Pleasure Gardens, Lumley road Howgate George, apartments, South parade Police Station, Roman bank; Hy. Marshall, inspector Hudson Richard, apartments, Pier terrace Pollard Henry, apartments, North parade Hunt James, confectioner, High street Porter Abraham Thomas Mills, National schoolmaster, Iremonger Mrs Emma Georgina, Scarborough avenue Roman bank Jackson Edward Arthur, agent for Capital and Counties Porter William, apartments, Wainfleet road Banking Co. Ld. Estate offices, Roman bank Post Office, Lumley road; Nestor Howell, postmaster Jeffries John Robert, jeweller and watchmaker, Lumley Pottle William, manager, Lumley road road Proctor Mrs Elizabeth, apartments, Lumley road Jeremy Mrs Elizabeth, Alexandra road Pycock John Hudson, apartments, North parade Johnson William, farmer, Roman bank Rainey West John, solicitor, High street; and Spilsby Kelly Frederick Joseph, apartments, Lumley road Randall George Samuel, market gardener, florist and Kerman George, apartments, Sea View terrace fruiterer, Lumley road Kirkby Miss Annie Ketton, apartments, South parade Rawson Mrs Sarah Jane, milliner and fancy draper, Kirkby Frederick, vict. Lion Hotel, Lumley road Lumley road Kikby Henry Charles, apartments, Wainfleet road Richards Mrs Mary Ann, apartments, Roman bank Kirkby James, apartments, Prince Alfred avenue Robinson Thomas, schoolmaster, Skegness College Kirton Wright, corn and flour dealer, Lumley road Roe John, grocer, draper and fancy repository, High Lee Rev George Samuel (Reformed Episcopal), street, and apartments, Lumley road Collegiate School Rose John, apartments, South parade Lee Mrs Sarah Sumner, apartments, Lumley road Rowe Frederick John, apartments, South parade Leighton Charles, apartments, Pier villas Rowley Alfred William, `rated water manufacturer Liberal Association, High street; Joseph Crawshaw, and house furnisher, Lumley road president Ryan F. & T. butchers, Lumley road Liddall Richard, apartments, North parade Ryan Thomas (F. & T.); h Boston Sams Thomas, boarding house, Osbert house Thimbleby John, F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. surgeon, Lumley Savage Mrs Hannah Catherine, apartments, South road; and Spilsby parade Thompson Mrs Jane, apartments, Wainfleet road Scarborough Convalescent Home, Sea view; Mrs Annie Thornton Mrs. apartments, Vine cottage Parr, matron Tindall Mrs Mary Jane, apartments, Edinburgh Scarborough Estate Offices, Roman bang; Hy. Vivian avenue Tippett, agent Tippett Henry Vivian, agent for Earl Scarborough, Scuffham Thomas, apartments, Lumley road Estate offices, Roman bank Sea View Hotel Co. Ld.; Miss Sarah Ann Dunkley, Tointon John, cowkeeper and apartments, North manageress parade Seymour Mrs Jane, apartments, Lumley road Treadgold Arthur Percy, bootmaker, Lumley road Sharp Mrs Mary, apartments, South parade Tuckerman George, stationmaster Shaw Charles, bathing machine proprietor, High st Turner William, refreshment rooms, Lumley road Sills John Samuel, architect, Rutland road Tweed John Thomas, solicitor (T. Stephen & Dashper); Simpson Henry John, glass and china dealer, High st h Lincoln Simpson Woodliffe, farmer, Roman bank Tweed, Stephen & Dashper, solicitors, secretaries to Skegness Club and Reading Room, Lumley road; Chas. the Skegness Pier Co. Ld. and Gas, Light & Coke Hildred, secretary Co. Ld. Estate offices, Roman bank and Lincoln Skegness Herald, Roman bank; John Avery, proprietor Ulyatt Miss Jane, apartments, Lumley road Wadsley Felix, apartments, Rutland road Skinner David, apartments, South parade Wain William, photographer, Albert road Sleight Richard, stonemason, Lumley road Waite Georqe, grocer, Lumley road Smalley Charles, farmer, Roman bank Walker John, builder and bathing van pro Smalley Thomas, apartments, Drummond road Burgh road Smith James Olivant, farmer, Marsh Wardle Francis Lewis, auctioneer, valner and Smith Mr William, Lumley road furnishing arcade, Lumley road; and Nottingham Smyth Charles Shepherd, photographer, High st Speed Jabez, farmer, Roman bank Warth Arthur Ernest, bricklayer and apartments, Spikins’ Whale Museum, High st Algitha road Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Co. Ld. Warth James Gothard, brick, tile and drain-pipe Lumley road; William Bellamy, agent maker, Wainfleet road Steamboat Co. Ld. Estate offices; J. R. Storr, manager Waterworks, Burgh road; J. T. Phillips, manager Steel John, apartments, South parade Wells George, farmer, Sea View farm Stephen Reginald Arthur, solicitor (Tweed, S. & Dashper); Wetherhead Edmund, apartments, Sea View terrace h Lincoln Widdup Mrs Ruth, apartments, Prince Alfred avenue Storr John Rowland, apartments, North parade Wigglesworth Hugh, piermaster, Sea View terrace Streets Mrs Ruth, apartments, Prince Alfred avenue Williams Brothers, general and furnishing ironmongers, Stretton George Cox, apartments, Wainfleet road Lumley road Sturmey William James, baker, Roman bank Williams David (W. Bros.); h Lumley road Sutton Thomas, ironmonger and blacksmith, Roman Williams Norman (W. Bros.); h Lumley road bank Wilson George Walker, bank clerk, Algitha, rd Swain Miss Catherine, National schoolmistress, Wainfleet Wingate Henry, farmer, Roman bank road Woods William, apartments, Grosvenor terrace Swann Arthur Esq. J.P. Syne Hill house; and Sausthorpe Woollett Arthur, officer, Coastguard station Wray David Clipson, physician and surgeon, Rutland Swift William Edward, photographer, Lumley rd road Swinn Samuel, manager, Lumley road Wright Mrs Eliza, apartments, Wainfleet road Switchback Railway, North parade Wright Rev Joshua, Sea View terrace Sykes William, apartments, Roman bank Young James, contractor, Wainfleet road Taylor Robert Robinson, vict. Hildred’s Hotel, High street RAILWAY G. N. R. station; Geo. Tuckerman, stationmaster Thatcher Mrs Maria, apartments, Lumley terrace.


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