Swordfish Caught in Skegness

On Thursday the 9th, as some men were working an old wreck which was laid bare by the lowest neap tide which has occurred for many years, they discovered a sword-fish ta shallow water.

One of the men instantly went into the water to dispatch it, when he found he had caught a tartar, for it charged him most furiously, and would inevitably have run him through with its formidable weapon, had its motions not been checked by a scarcity of water, which circumstance alone enabled the man to evade the charge.

The man and his companions returned to the attack, and succeeded by planting a boat-book so firmly in its body that they were enabled to get it ashore, where its struggles were very violent.

It measured about 8 feet ta length from tip to tip including the sword, which is about feet long.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 17 September 1858



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