Perrins to the Rescue!



Two Cleethorpes fishermen, Walter Priestley, aged 57, and his son, John, aged 23, who had been prawn fishing half mile off Gibraltar Point, three miles south of Skegness, were rescued on Monday from the cabin of their anchored cutter, Pride of the Humber, only just in time to save them from death either asphyxiation or some other cause.

They were found unconscious, suffering apparently from the effects of fumes from a stove. It is understood, however, that the presence of fumes may not entirely account for the men’s predicament.

The rescue was due to the prompt action of two Gibraltar Point fishermen, George and Wilfred Perrin, who are members of the Skegness lifeboat crew.

Gibraltar Point is a deserted spot at the mouth of the Wash, and the Perrin brothers are the only inhabitants.

A few days ago the Pride of the Humber anchored half a mile out, and the Perrins made the acquaintance of the Priestleys, and were informed last Friday that the visitors would be leaving the Saturday morning tide.

But on Sunday the Perrins saw the cutter still there without any movement on board.


Becoming alarmed when the cutler was still there on Monday they rowed out to it and found the two men unconscious in the cabin, which was full of foul air, apparently from the stove. younger man was roused from his stupor and rowed ashore. could remember nothing going to sleep two days previously.

The Perrins dare not move the older man, and Allen, of Skegness, waded through half mile tidal mud to attend him. His life was at -first despaired of, but he was ultimately carried through the mud ashore on a stretcher by Skegness policemen, and conveyed with his son ambulance to Skegness Cottage Hospital.

Source: Hull Daily Mail – Tuesday 18 October 1927


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