New Solarium for Skegness




THE remarkably successful manner in which rickets, tuberculosis, ulcers and various forms of skin disease respond to ultra-violet ray treatment was emphasised by Sir Leonard Hill, at the official opening of the Solarium at Skegness yesterday. Sir Leonard, who is president of the Sunlight League, declared that our smoke-ridden cities, with their filth and disease-breeding agencies, were blot on civilisation, and that condition must be brought to an end. Although that building could not be utilised for the treatment of the diseases to which he had referred, as this had to be given under strict medical supervision, the ultra-violet ray lamps installed therein provided a most valuable medium for tuning the system, and assistance in building up healthy little bodies. He did beg sunbathers, however, to expose as much their bodies as possible to the rays. They must get down to as little clothing as their good feeling would allow. Sir Leonard said that he was tremendously impressed that sun castle and the admirable facilities which Skegness had thus provided for supplementing the health-giving properties of the resort. Lord Scarbrough, who presided, warmly commended the local authority on its continued enterprise, and the town surveyor (Mr. R. H. Jenkins), the architect, on the building. Skegness, he said, was fortunate in possessing an engineer with such foresight and imagination. The Charlton Athletic football team has been sunbathing daily at Skegness preparatory to to-morrow’s match at Lincoln.


Source: Nottingham Evening Post – Friday 31 March 1933


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