Residents reminded they have until August 5 to give their views on changes to current East Lindsey ward boundaries

RESIDENTS still have until August 5 to make their thoughts known on the proposed District ward boundary changes in East Lindsey. If confirmed, the changes to Wards and their boundaries proposed by the Independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England would see East Lindsey’s residents represented by 55 Councillors from May 2015 – five fewer than now. These changes would result in 19 councillors representing single member wards, 24 representing two member wards and 12 representing three member wards. The Boundary Commission’s 12 week consultation exercise, which ends on August 5, is open to anyone who wants to have their say on the proposed changes. East Lindsey District Council Chief Executive Stuart Davy said: “Residents across East Lindsey should be aware of the proposed changes and how their local area could be affected. The changes are being proposed under national legislation to ensure every councillor across the district represents broadly a similar number of voters. If you have views about the proposed changes, you have until August 5 to let the Boundary Commission know.” To view the full proposals, visit the Boundary Commission website at To have your say, visit the website, email or write to The Review Officer (East Lindsey), Local Government Boundary Commission for England, Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5LG.


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