Gun-fight at the Skegness Corral!

On Wednesday se’nnight a singular scene occurred to disturb the quiet serenity of Skegness, and the fashionable company assembled at Enderby’s celebrated hotel.

About half after two in the morning the sound of guns was heard, and Mr. Enderby with two or three followers galloped on the sands after some men armed with guns.

Enderby, outstripping the rest, came up with two of them, and spite of their resistance stopped them till his men arrived: he then set forward to overtake the ringleader, when a fight of almost a romantic character occurred: for ten minutes the result was dubious, but at last ” right triumphed over might,” and Enderby was the conqueror.

The three fellows, it appeared, had gone out to kill the rabbits kept by Enderby for the sport of his visitors. They were convicted before Major Brackenbury, who sentenced them to a fine of 40s. each and costs, which two paid, the third remains in Spilsby gaol for two months in default.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 13 June 1834

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